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White & White Button; by Theresa May who would help millions of Argentina

November 30, 2018

As with one in ten Argentina, the British Prime Minister is suffering from diabetes. To stay in control, you should always carry a small white circle on your serving arm measure glucose. How do I work?

Y British Prime Minister Theresa May The country arrived on Thursday. Although it falls from the plane with a blazer, the main English director may have to leave his arms open this Friday, in case the temperature rises. If it happens, the white button that could create as many questions may be open.

Theresa May size is a sum of money of $ 2, but its cost is very much of that value, since then All of them together with the sensor are more than $ 10,000. The British showed an English television at the beginning of the year and many thought it could be a great help. The device is used in the upper arm and continues to control glucose levels. The results can be read using a scanned device that reduces the need for blood tests on the fingers.

FreeStyle Free is the first of a type and manages glucose in the fluid between the cells through filaments and the sensor with a width of two cats. The last parts are two weeks and store up to eight hours of data, showing them on a graph so that people can see if their blood sugar level is in ascending or descending tendency. At the same time, thanks to these sensors, can provide data to the application that you have installed in the cell phone, to adjust your insulin dose or the amount of food, as appropriate.

When asked for the button, Mai He explained that "It's several times when I eat and speak in ceremonies, so it's complex to control myself. When I go to a debate or conference, I have to make sure I have checked (the levels) and know where I am, to adapt to what I need"

It's important to remember that diabetes is considered to be the true epidemic and the results of the National Survey of Nation Health Ministry's National Risk Factors, 9.8% of those over 18 years old had diabetes or high blood glucosewhat is synonymous with more than 3 million Argentineans. In extreme cases, the disease increases the chances of developing, among others, eye conditions that are at risk of blindness, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases and problems in the lower winter that can lead to absorbing up old.

Meter and glucose called & Flash; & # 39;, like the one that uses Mai, they allow to reduce the daily pressures and glucose behavior trends significantly. Adriana Angelina, president of the Civil Society of Diabetes Civil Society (ADA), he ensured that "Measuring glucose without peeling improves the quality of the patient's life, completely changing it. Diabetes may not be difficult to understand the change, but Pricking yourself many times a day, every day, throughout your life is very difficult. Today's diabetes improvement is not an option, but it is not unacceptable that we are deprived of significant developments that directly affect our quality of life"

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