Thursday , August 18 2022

WhatsApp will change the way you see the statements and the result you will not like


Whatspp He always experimentes with different changes. Some are more original than others, although the latest news appears to be duplicated from other foods: states will endeavor to organize themselves chronological.

Currently, users value the content that others share first, taking into account that the latest ones that are uploaded are the most recent ones. up. According to the Mashable portal, the app managed by Mark Zuckerberg wants to activate the states according to their relevance.

How do the criterion have to define? The most user interaction will be a study to show their content in the first place. However, the decision goes against one of the deemed principles of the messenger: encryption and privacy of the data.

Eventually, the company is experiencing this change in a small user group iPhone in Brazil, Spain and India, but "it intends to implement it more widely in the future," according to sources close to WhatsApp. It's worth remembering, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, that the feeding stuffs are organized in a personal way, unless it has otherwise configured.

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