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WhatsApp celebrates 10 years: the growth and new challenges of the most popular messaging app – 02/24/2019

WhatsApp celebrates this Sunday ten years with more than 1,500 million users in the world, which makes it the instant messaging application that is popular worldwide. Birthday comes at a time when the company is searching for new ways to go to spread fake news.

The company officially saw the light February 24, 2009. His creator was Jan Koum, a Ukrainian who emigrated to the US and joined a friend of Brian Acton months later.

Since 2014 belongs to Facebook, after Marck Zuckerberg was procured for 21,800 million dollars.

Over the past ten years he has made many changes: in December 2009, he already offered the option to send pictures; eight months later, the first version was launched for Android and a year later, Windows Phone.

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The following novels arrived in 2011 including the option to create chat groups a encrypt messages at the end of 2014.

These were added in February 2015 voice calls and in November 2016, video calls, and both options, but in groups, in July 2018.

In addition, since January 2015 the Web WhatsApp version, which allows your website to operate a phone account on the board computer by capturing a QR code image.

In 2014, Facebook was purchased WhatsApp.

In 2014, Facebook was purchased WhatsApp.

And since May 2016, the program for Windows and Mac operating systems is available.

Now the social messaging network has announced that Restrict the ability of your users to send messages forward, up to five conversations at a time, to prevent spreading false information.

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At the beginning of February, WhatsApp informed thoseRestrict two million accounts per month as part of "an effort to reduce the mechanisms used to distribute false news and misunderstandings" of the application, which ensured its aim is to be a private message service and "not a megaphone for the people" .

"We are not here to give megaphone to people, but to send private messages," said the head of the company's anti-spam department, Matt Jones, at a press conference in India, with 200 million users the main market of the app .

"WhatsApp was created for private messages and designed to share it with people you know, it has also designed to be lightweight and provides end encryption -i-ben was missing in individual and group chairs, "he said in statements quoted by The Indian Express.

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