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what offers will be purchased online

The holidays were a huge commercial success at the beginning of this century. In recent years, it has also moved into electronic commerce, and to various countries such as Spain, Brazil and Argentina.

In Argentina, Black Friday has been growing in transactions since 2012. In recent years, a significant number of international purchases have been registered through platforms that allow you to take advantage of offers from other countries and receive them by mail at any point in the national territory.

What proposals will be on Argentina’s Black Friday 2020?

This year Black Friday It is done in a different way, with the offers available for longer and with strong promotion of web-based purchasing, with the primary objective of avoiding crowds of people and thus reducing the risk of coronavirus infection.

But these changes do not mean that there will be fewer offers, but that you see more promotions than are usually available. Sites like Free market, Pull off Oh. Amazon They have been offering special promotions for some time that get cheaper as the days go by.

National companies and brands will add their own discounts to the day in a Creole version of the event.

Black Friday 2020: how to buy from Argentina

But on top of that, Argentina will have several options to make their US purchases, with the restrictions that exist for access to dollars, from platforms like TiendaMIA and Grabr that allow you to take advantage of US discounts and offers major online stores. In turn, Amazon also allows you to buy directly from Argentina on those products with Amazon Global distribution service.

How to buy on Amazon from Argentina

Whether in the US store or in its different European versions, Amazon has a catalog of products available with Amazon Global service, offering countries such as Argentina an estimate of duties and taxes during the purchase process. In turn, the direct delivery process is carried out from a private courier-like postal service by door-to-door transportation, with no additional procedures or charges.

In this way, Argentina will be able to take advantage of those Black Friday offers that have Amazon Global service, an option available in the product search settings. A series of conditions must be considered: those products not exceeding 50 kilos, priced below $ 3,000 and up to three units of the same species. In turn, these types of freight transportation can only be used 5 times per calendar year and per person, as reported by the AFIP.

In terms of import costs, generally the estimate made by Amazon usually covers the costs, and if there is a balance in favor of the customer, the store makes the refund on the credit card.

More options besides Amazon

Those who want to take advantage of more store options can opt for digital platforms like Grabr, which allows access to buy products overseas in online stores and in physical buildings, with a traveler returning to Argentina. Grabr in turn offers payment in pesos, at the official price and in up to 12 installments.

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For its part, the platform offers the possibility of buying in stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart, also with payments in pesos and installment financing. With many home delivery options, the weight of the product must be considered to estimate the final cost of the purchase.

Card payments, dollar quotes and more

When buying, it must be considered that buying with a credit card at overseas sites may require bank authorization, due to security measures. In addition, at the time of making the summary payment, this transaction may be canceled with the account balance in dollars.

If paid in pesos, it will have the official dollar price with the 30% surcharge equivalent to the PAIS tax and the 35% rate due to the Personal Income and Property taxes.

In addition, all of these credit card purchase operations are included in the $ 200 monthly quota for all taxpayers.

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