Tuesday , October 4 2022

What is an ICO and why it was fined by Floyd Mayweather


The mailboxer gave twitter that he had received money from one of the Initial Currency Offers (ICO). The SEC could be an advertising action made by Mayweather without clarifying that he was involved in this.

Y ICO which is often used to new funding cryptocurrencies, where the customer is offered "Tickets" in return for money. These can be exchanged in the same way as points by a airline, in established places.

Because they are operations that are not regulated by the Governments, are often considered dangerous and in many cases are banned.

However, in the case Mayweather the fine focuses on the fact that it has been spread once and again ICO without notifying that it was an advertisement.

For this reason, he was released for secret advertising and must pay a total of US $ 600,000, after coming to an agreement with the Government.

Mayweather had spread publicity Middle Tech, which was at the heart of the debate because it had been identified by the SEC to consider its fraudulent ICO.

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