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What is a menstrual pantyhose and how is it used?


He started popular underground test clothing worldwide and he hit. Credit: Courtesy @shethinx

Throughout our lives, we use 11,000 disposable hygiene products. For that reason, and also for
Having more natural contact with a menstrual period, some time ago, began to spread some options of personal hygiene products that move away from the squeezing or the typical tampon.
The menstrual cup is undoubtedly, the main one,
but it does not work for everyone. Mainly because it is hard to use, because most of it has not designed with disabled clients in mind and because they present complications in terms of cleaning in public toilets.

Thinking about all this, the underwear test was called period. Yes, what you read. Even the most intense days? Yes! And how many hours can you be careless? A whole day of work or a night of sleep. And even more, because they absorb the one that corresponds to two buffers.

They put up when he founded one of the founders of the pioneering company – THINXS, in New York – their blood clothes during an event, which led to a talk about the many occasions that such episodes happen. From there, the concept of the product was obvious: creating clothes that would prevent this type of incident. The technology was available, it just needed to be implemented.

How do I work?

He started popular underground test clothing worldwide and he hit.
He started popular underground test clothing worldwide and he hit. Credit: Courtesy @shethinx

He gets like any underwear. Every garment has – made it completely of cotton – four layers, which helps you to stay dry, fresh and without losses. The layers work like this: 1) Cotton that absorbs moisture to be fresh and dry on the surface. This layer has an antimicrobial application that addresses the smell and bacteria. 2) Super absorbent fabric that contains up to two buffets of fluid, 3) a resistance resistant to losses in order to protect maximum. 4) External structural tier. There are different absorption levels, from "higher light" to "drum / night".

It comes in many different styles, of delicate thong type to comfortable culottes. There are also short boards.
It comes in many different styles, of delicate thong type to comfortable culottes. There are also short boards. Credit: Courtesy @shethinx

How many hours does it "hold"?

Absorption up to 20 milliliters of blood, so that they can catch up a very good day or sleep night. They can be used to practice without problem. And there are even swimsuits to swim carefully! The moisture is not even felt in the days of the most bleeding.

How is it washed?

Can be washed by hand only or in a washing machine. Producers suggest their rinsing first, either in the sink or in the shower, before putting them in the washing machine. Make sure you do not use soft or abrasive powder, as well as let them dry naturally.

How much does it come out?

Prices vary according to the model – faster or more sexy – and the level of absorption. They range from USD 19 to USD 30. Bikinis is USD 92.

How is it done?

For now, it is not available in Argentina, but it can be purchased worldwide by the sales companies, such as THINXS. or Modibodi The two ships worldwide.

I can prove it

See this post on Instagram

A little while ago, I started to follow @theimpossiblemuse model that has a toxic shock syndrome by using tampons, not by leaving it longer, or by using it badly, simply using a tampon. For that syndrome, I lost one leg first, and then the other, that process I saw in the networks and it was tremendous. I told my sister Emi, the current Boston of Panama, and told me she was investigating washing underwear. Well, he researched him, tasted her and loved. So he bought me some, I tried and I loved them. There are different types of methods of coming, they have even a line for incontinence losses. It has a normal, comfortable, soft and spectacular pantyhose with special technology originally created for women in Africa who do not have the possibility of buying, replacing and wasting anything. Here they do not sell them again, but who tells you if I do this job and take a shower, and I'm encouraged to bring them. @Shethinx has some divine campaigns with normal women, the factory where they care about the environment and their employees. The models are divine, as well as very comfortable. There are colors for newcomers, and the incorporation of pipes, buffers etc. is a nuisance, as well as being bad for the body, the environment and the economy because it is very expensive. Ladies, I'll use them, and I can not ENTER, how great they are, it's like nothing. I'll use them all day and I'll wash them in the washing machine. As it does not come to you, you do not hear it. I had already tried the glass and I would never have been able to incorporate it with functionality. So, I felt the need to say this because I can not believe it, you do not have to do anything or use it for anything new. I feel it is created by an angel falling from heaven. I hope that we will encourage them to come because they are lllllococcus, mega hygiene, fresh, healthy, comfortable, comfortable, everything. (They sell them through the web, my sister bought them from Panama, put their instagram and from there they can go into a website!) @Shethinx comes to Argentina PELASE!

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