Sunday , January 24 2021

We're talking to the Russian inventor who will use the sky to show advertisements

By Uriel Bederman

Your agency is not spatial, but creative. Despite that, the publisher Vladimir Sitnikov is working on a project that launches satellite 450 kilometer of Earth's surface. Of course: it aims to not study space or find life on other planets, but turn to the sky into new advertising support.

"We create a new communication method. This is not a fantasy, it's a reality, "said Sitnikov when discussing TN Tecno and envisage that the same year will prove their system. "The project has already passed the scientific authentication step, and this spring (the northern hemisphere) will prove our technology in the stratosphere," he said.

As we have here, the company's innovation StartRocket It works thanks to a series of small satellites of the name CubeStats, which are both a project Images that will be visible from Earth, in the air and at night. The focus is on advertising, although the idea goes a bit further.

– You can not hide that your idea is crazy … How was it born? Did you have any special inspiration?

– Initially, I do not belong to the space industry, I'm a publisher. I was always interested in new ideas, and the RocketLab project was a great inspiration for me. At the beginning of last year, these men were overlapped to throw a bowling ball into the outer space. That's my operation to: What if I invent a new medium, the first way of communicating in an orbit?

Millions of years ago humanity began to observe the air. But new ages require new gods. Today We are no longer governed by ancient Greek wars, but by big brands and events. In time humanity will take its culture into space, and this is a real challenge for me.

– When will your idea become a reality?

– We have to go through the different stages of development before launching it in 2020. In the first place, we are looking for investors. We had many potential stakeholders, but mostly privately. The objective is the big companies that understand that our project is not just advertising, but also developing the entertainment industry where it was never, in the external space.

Humanity began to put its culture into space. This is the nearest future, and we do not need to convince our investors about this. We are confident that our project will be a reality, because we have already proven technology. The sky will be a great support, with a very large audience.

– What other messages will this system show?

– We want to develop more than space advertising, also entertainment in the widest sense.

– – We know that your project has had criticism and many negative opinions.

– Do. It is mainly about critics who do not want interventions in scientific work. But we always explain that the time of our "screen" operation will be concise: the messages will only be visible for six minutes.

In addition, the announcements or messages will be located on popular intense territories, just because we need to have large audiences. The astronomical observations will not be affected as they are held in national parks and other places without so many people.

The messages envisaged by this system will be visible in open, day and night (Image: StartRocket).
The messages envisaged by this system will be visible in open, day and night (Image: StartRocket).

I believe that there will be critical voices at all times; Those who now hate this idea will always collect it. But if you're thinking about it a bit, no-one liked the ads on TV.

Do we face a single eccentric project? Or soon will the sky become a new screen? The specific thing is that Sitnikov will be experiencing the scope of his period in a few months creative-spatial enterprise somewhere to the south of Russia. "We'll launch about 40 kilometers of Earth to see how the pixel looks in the air," said a man who did not work alone. The SkolTech Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow is part of the project.

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