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Weekly Horoscope: predictions between 3 and 9 December for all signs of the Sidon – 12/03/2018


Horoscope for Aries

Mars, Aries manager, is staying in Pisces, and joins Neptune this week. Impulsion will not take you too far. But the powerful belief that you will feel these days. Energy is favorable to closing situations or contacts that cause them anger, or to end relationships with people they think they are "tested" by the time. If you can not relax, the relative already completes a circle. To be able to close is to grow, and these days, you can do it in a mature, evolutionary and conscious way, making it a place for the new thing that you would like to put in. The new moon in Sagittarius stimulate all the energy of the fire, preceding them to organize trips, to new internal or external routes, vibrating with the images. Begin to focus the arrows towards the objectives you have in the short term.

Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus regent, Venus, has just entered intense Scorpio again. This income can open old wounds of emotional dependencies that seem to overcome but reflotado is closing. When it makes noise that the other works his personal freedom (and that is confused with lack of love or lack of attention), when possession is ruined or disrupted relatives, & # 39; It's time to review trauma or deep situations that show that your in-house child is still injured and claiming love. Possibility of getting bones, and improving, and reforming the old procurement patterns. Remember, attract what you're radiating, to work alone! The new moon at Sagittarius gives them fire and forces to make decisions that have deferred.

Horoscop for Gemini

Gemini's regiment, Mercury, is familiar this week in the intense Scorpio, calls calls, meetings, messages, different contacts, but also touch, excess and area on the one hand, and confrontation, assumptions and wonders included by the another. The challenge will be selective, to choose from the heart of what meetings or find them that love, authenticate and make them feel better and not. The verbiage tires, the mind will be disturbing, and among all those thoughts will surely have very valuable ideas that can not be ignored in the middle of so much noise. Try not to let them pass. The new moon at Sagittarius provides new compasses and, falling into the other sign, reveals issues that you have not wanted to see from.

Horoscop for Cancer

The new moon is in their imagination, illuminates them, filled them with plenty of energy for new projects. If they are home and still do not feel ready to leave familiar areas, it does not matter. They can produce these enterprises from their homes and offices. But do not neglect the creative part, which will bubble the news. In terms of family and meetings, there may be a fight in the Fiestas, do whatever your heart means. Do not go if you do not feel like this, or if you prefer something else. It's about to start to be more authentic and honest with you and your friends.

Horoscop for Leo

The Sun, Leo's manager, will give a great deal of view with Neptune. Spirituality is being implemented but also the shadow. Is the confusion and the feeling of not knowing where to go? They may feel weakened or with low energy. The feeling is that they need light, release the mind and control, because all that stress goes directly to the body. When the relaxation does not always add more responsibilities and burdens to your life, you will be harmed. Possibility of healing through attitude changes, for example, asking and delegating, trusting those who love them. The new moon at Sagittarius stimulates a lot of desire to travel, a good week to organize holidays, and also to develop better self care strategies.


Horoscope for Virgo

Mercury, a Virgo regent, returns to a direct movement in Scorpio and that helps them to have a little more or less tendency, and to feel more sensible and magnetic. Although they are experts in order, detail and perfection, for this week, allow you some lack of control in the good sense, do not be aware of what they spend, some taste and a little too much good. Once the holidays have passed, they will have time to return to the axle and order, but nowadays, there are good deposits and beautiful touches, easy and free laughter, leaving their hair and put on that cost that would have been saved for a special occasion. It will make you feel great. The new moon at Sagittarius brings joy and optimism.

Horoscope for Libra

Libra's manager, Venus, goes into Scorpio deep. All of this can reopen wounds on the basis of "what they will say" and the appearance of others, which affect them so much, and often even if they want to ignore it, they can not. If you feel that many of the things that you are choosing and do, if you use a lot of energy to capture social masks, this can hurt in stronger lightning and become apparent. They are seconds of healing, and to see why they do what they do and that it will be important to him. Being inaccessible with the word, being honest with the links and learning to set limits is crucial. The new moon at Sagittarius extends horizons and creates a new fire energy to trigger.

Horoscop for Scorpio

Mercury and Venus are going to Scorpio this week, while the moon goes through its sign too, how much density! Under Christmas jars and color lights that are already beginning to be seen in the city, they can feel sad and sad. Their ability to see beyond the link will connect them to other underground periods and, under the social mask, they will feel that everything that does not shine is gold. It is important to use this time to find out what stage you want to close, what you collect. What relationships and links that are now declining with you, what situations and places you need to leave. Use this time to purse yourself and do not contaminate yourself too much with the outside. Look, however, hard, some seconds of silence to be with you. The new moon in Sagittarius declines, brings faith and makes them more aware of their abilities to enjoy and see beyond ordinary reality.

Horoscop for Sagittarius

New moon at Sagittarius this week, planting time! Expanding momentum, joy, faith, optimism and planning with the feet in the earth are the movements that are needed to realize some dreams, since they are, however, a faith, they will not be solved. A look and strength to move on and give up the best to suspect their talents and abilities. It is currently enrolling your internal resources to draw up plans and goals. Self-mistake and self-sabotage will be a serious mistake, as the energy is preparing to open the way for you and to expand where you want to move on and feel ready. Avoid excessions and put limits, because if they do not, they run the risk of feeling too tired and energy will need to start with all their projects.

Horoscop for Capricorn

The moonlight in Sagittarius relieves them slightly, releases them and joins them with pleasure. On the other hand, the crescent moon will also go through its sign this week. This energy explosion will connect you deeply to your personal authority, and if you have been giving outdoors, in others, it will be time to re-evaluate if you want to continue or if it is necessary you feel ready to own your own heads. Labor independence has advantages and disadvantages, but with the certainty and responsibility you'll be dealing with yourself, is absolutely possible and extremely pleasing. Think about it. These are times of major changes and everything that you will not completely dose with you will be reviewed. The structures that give us shadow sometimes become prisons. What will give them evidence of these will be the body, do there be meals back? Are there any burdens in your life now?

Horoscope for Aquarius

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings emotionality and a lot of internal movement. The Aquarius manager, Uranus, is back and looks inside. If you have been working, making others and towards the outside, it's time to look inside, from silence and interference. From there you will find the answers you are looking for. Sometimes we undertake the activities and responsibilities of ourselves and others so that we do not have to face ourselves. The new one suggests that they will not be able to defer the internal journey and the necessary silence to listen to each other. The energy is open to search for the answers within you, and not in the outside or in the environment. The silence of the mind is to find the road. Meditation and medium ability are improved, the spiritual will always heal. In order to stop stopping it, you have to order, embed and go much better planting.

Horoscop for Pisces

Mars meets Neptune in Pisces this week. Action time and creation of safe. You, so spiritual, sometimes dreaming wake up but come to nothing, often fail in the concretion, to go down to the ground and get safe. They de-stimulate if the results are not immediate. The energy will help you to return to some more natural times, more current and not as much as future (where you live several times). Building days, block after block, with joy and effort, with dedication and assurance, there are times of great achievements. Being inaccessible with the word, being honest with the links and learning to set limits is crucial. The new moon at Sagittarius brings more fire and ability to drive.

By the astrologer Julieta Suárez Valente.

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