Thursday , January 20 2022

"We take Boca to play in his field"


the field of the eternal competitor for the first final of the Libertadores Copa. A new situation for the man born in San Fernando, 44 ​​years ago. This is the seventh time that he has been responsible for the team. And it's still boring. With 2-2 yesterday, he has three draws and four wins.

Boca washed two hands, but won the River by points

"The result was fair. We did really well in the first half. We had a better game in the game, we took Boca to play in our field and goal scenes were produced. But Boca has players of a category and With play in the area this may complicate you. We deserved to continue during half term but Boca ran 2-1 and only in the second half was matching the game. They have a very clear situation with a large cover of Franco (Armani) ", Bysay analyzed.

Agustín Rossi and Franco Armani also left their mark on the Superclassic

This is not the first time for Busia to refer the River into a final of Libertadores. It happened in 2015, when the Núñez team in 3-0 arrived in Tigres de Mexico, in the Monumental, to stay with the Cup that year. Gallardo was banned because he had expelled in the first leg in Monterrey. And in that same competition, he had already led three meetings in the group stage when the Muñeco was warned about saying "scoundrel" to Paraguay's referee, Julio Quintana, in a game against Juan Aurich in Peru.

Before the eyes of the world, Boca played and exported Superfinal River

The Peruvian Bysay (ranging from 1 to 1) led to the Monumental, the 2-2 miraculous against Tigres in Monterrey and 3-0 to San José de Oruro in Núñez, the night and took the River to apply through the window thanks The victory of Tigres on Juan Aurich from 5 to 4. The other two games he had to lead in this Cup: in the 3-0 victory against Racing, at the Monumental, for round of 16; and in the final of returning before the Ceremony, in Porto Alegre, the night of the epic triumph deposited to the River in the end. "This is not my place, Gallardo should have been here," he said.

Lucas Pratto to Superclassic that will be marked by a fire in memory

In the case of the five defendants, Bysay explained: "We thought we could have better attention in the middle field with five in the background so that the sides passed. Pavón's injury made Boca better." A & # 39 He said to the players during half term, he said: "We are trying to raise them emotionally and we told them not to give her up." He said he felt "happiness "for the group of players who" impose conditions on all the courts. " And what is said: "The ability to define home is important."


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