Monday , September 26 2022

Watch out the packages that are sold in the Interior!


"Be careful of those who purchase those packages offered in networks and whatsapp, because they are very well left out, that is & # 39; unlawful and nobody can assure you that they will get their ticket when they arrive on Saturday at La Bombonera, "said one source of xeneize leadership.

Nobody wants to lose the game between Boca and Afon the overhead that will define the champion of the Libertadores Cup. The limited space in the Bombonera – compared to high demand – triggers resale prices and triggers a series of banned agreements.

There are already thousands of places and "rocks" (according to the club not officially) that offer trips with tickets that have been included in different parts of the country at a price How to get more Sport in mendocino bought between 15,000 and 17,000 pesos. This sum must be deposited from and so on.

The business comes from the bar with a series of cards that give its "partners" inside so that people who arrive the same day of & # 39; The meeting goes through the door they say and that is being treated by the Twelve

This practice seems to have had the goal of the leadership, beyond saying that he had made complaints in a prosecutor's office, suddenly decided not to apply any type of filter for the Superclassic.

Although she had been aware that there was a need to receive a record of attending at least 4 of the 6 club's matches in the Cup edition, it will not be like that in the end. Although the measure equates to the chances of those active club members with the daily fee, it caused harassment in those who already felt inside, because they fulfilled that requirement.


So far, the club subscribers, with no filters, acquired their placements. Yfory will turn the thousands of active partners Boca has. There are 63,000 members who are in conditions and satisfy all "unparalleled" requirements, that is: social quota of the day and active membership. They will fight for each of the valuable tickets, they will pass nerves, they will insult and they will pray on the "F5".

In San Juan, it was known that rock offers travel and access. It's about the leading entity, just in homage. According to Time of San Juan, she had packages of 15,000 pesos to be in La Bombonera in the first game of the final. In fact, even a leaflet has been circulating with all the values ​​among the fans realizing.

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