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Waldo Wolff: "I believe that Nessman's murder was local service work"

The deputy for Change Waldo Wolff was the last person received by a UFI AMIA prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, a picture by WhatsApp who re-created his commitment to the investigation that led him – four days ago – to make sure to former president Cristina Kirchner for the assumption against the assault against the Jews jointly.

Wolff received an image of the prosecutor's improvisation desk along with chief honors and the grievances of the grievances, scattered in the dining room of his apartment in Puerto Madero hours before the Nessman was murdered in January 2015, according to the federal justice inquiry

Before that fact continued to be undesirable, the vice president of the DAIA then raised his voice "against the preparation of an order sealed with Iran" that the public prosecutor had delegated and was prepared to base before the commission of the Gyngres.

After the death of Alberto Nisman, Wolff continued to identify the institutional inconsistencies that surrounded the investigation.

"They murdered the Nessman prosecutor. I was a witness", is the brand new book where documents – together with journalist Delia Sisro, all of the facts, skills and objective political circumstances and attempted to cement suicide assumption. After summarizing and translating the file that investigates his / her death, the authors support the Justice thesis: "Nisman died of what he knew and was ready to ventilate", confirms Wolff and Sisro in an interview with Infobae.

And they predict a part of the real reality that was abolished in the central episode of the prosecutor's death that the lack of initial justice, the gestures of the strict media and political will in dedicated to grinding.

"# Ready Reading", write in front of all facts and files that are responsible for lighting for readers to draw their own collections.

– From the title, "They have murdered the Nessman prosecutor, I was a witness", the evidence appears. What were you a witness?

-Wolff: I saw time when I was talking hard. They persecuted us, deceived us, harassed us, threatened us. And I also see how a prosecutor was killed from the tests, because I do not say that, says the judge in his ruling (Julian) Ercolini: "It has been proven with the elements given by that Criminal Procedure Code of that Nation The prosecutor's death Nisman did not obey suicide to that a third party would have taken part in malicious way ".

Beyond what the judge says, what is also proved is that the whole Kirchnerist tools have murdered the concept of a prosecutor with what this represents. Because they go into private life; because the former president of the national chain said he had a close relationship with Lagomarsino, lay and did not care that his daughters would listen to him; because while a large part of a country goes silent in March of the Umbrellas, he said: "We are staying with the celebration and we give them peace"That also kills a prosecutor, who also goes through the institutions, that is to go to everything he said and took care of it.

-In the book, which varies from the evidence and biographical evidence to the researcher, there is a central episode that shows how Nisman died. How did you access these skills?

Delia Sisro: Initially, the truth is always sovereign. We looked at the pictures, reading the file, looking at the expert reports and the facts were talking for themselves. So we decided to focus on the strict objective. We would put something in and say, "No, this is inseparable" and we would eliminate it, because we wanted to focus on the facts so that people could draw their own conclusions. And the facts were so overwhelming enough to count them.

-What were the sources?

– –NB: We could not speak for just one person, because there were many, other than the file. There was a lot of reading and consultations with people involved in the case and another one that was not. We are eager for everyone to understand not to keep with a compressed story. For that reason, with a simple language, we explain what spasm cadaver is to what "scratch eyes"For forensic medicine and how one state and another can not live together, he set one of the number of contradictions that ignored the assumption of suicide.

– Whoever they are investigating, what was the most striking about their inconsistency?

-WW: Many thought why the first skill gave one way and the other second. And it's important to explain that The first skill was made with much less information than it was. The second one was complementary and contained many elements, for example, the financial t-shirt, which breaks an expert. There is a basic assumption in the autopsy that the dead man should be worn in the morgue. In that second skill, the famous carpet that was under its feet stretched as if they were given, with vertical drops that prove to have decreased from a different height. The physical issues that said that they were not suicide but were involved in third parties were exactly the blood bats in the bathroom, position position, final body position and absorption method; The blood in Nisman's clothes. . In the case of the sides on the left hand side, when the bullet goes to the very temple, the experts who analyze the pictures can not explain them except for a third party involvement as decided by Ercolini.

-Ball also confirmed the Chamber …

-DS: The absence of gunpowder removal in his hands was key, because in order to find out if he had shot himself with the weapon, he must lead, antimony and barium in his hand. Three experiences were performed, two in Salta and one in La Plata, with different time ending to see the continuation of these three elements in the skin. He gave it all negative; test more than blast. There are many symbolic issues that were actually the most synister of the story. For the shirt, they must be added that they also put it in a supermarket bag, inside a paper envelope. In the same way they folio in a black pencil. All these facts were sinist.

WW: I add another: the theory that he kills himself in front of the mirror, which is based on a mark of his hand. I tried and there are pictures in the book If it were suicide in front of the mirror, you can not explain how the whole side of the bathroom is seamless, when the bullet did not have a hole out and the head is a very vascular place.

– Why insist on suicide theory?

WW: You have a question that you must ask those who defend that. We do not want to invest too much time to see why people who even criticize the book before reading the tests. There is a subject that, in my opinion, I have to have a disease with which we have been living as a society for many years. An author said: "It is much easier to defend lies than to admit that you have been cheated ". Nisman did not have traces of gunpowder and yet when extinguishing the weapon, he left them. That is one of the pictures of this movie that is incredible.

NB: There was construction. It was thought that the idea was that he was killing himself in front of the mirror, after he had built. Everything has closed. People who commit suicide in front of the mirror are usually the people who kill themselves with knives. For many reasons we explained in the book this was not possible. But if you tell you quickly and you said: "The complaint was scam, then it was depressed and killed", the story quickly works.

– They emphasize the initial dissatisfaction of the investigation and also refusal the negatives imposed by the media. Which of those two variables was more sensible?

NB: Everything is unpleasant and everything is unnecessary. When confirming the facts, the first word that appeared was pain. Basically because the death of a prosecutor is incapacitated. It can not even be investigated as any other death, although all must be thoroughly investigated. Unreasonable, negligence, carelessness, give the best to have different explanations. Some were ignorance; there were people who did not know how to do their homework, which is also serious. But the issue is that the cocktail made the case worse. We have not had a day of grief for the death of a prosecutor. Even believing that he had committed suicide, he died.

-They also refer to lies and attribute political intentions to them …

WW: The media was hidden and informed. Page 12 took a title saying that Nisman had 1.76 grams of alcohol in his stomach, which is why he was drunk. When investigating, it was found that 1.76 grams of alcohol in the stomach have nothing to do with alcohol in blood. In fact, that was ethanol. The former president of the national network said that Nessman had come to change the piece [estando de vacaciones en Europa] to return on January 12, 2015 [por una supuesta gestión de Jaime Stiusso]. They deliberately hide and use state equipment.

Here you have the former president of the nation sitting, the opening day of the sessions of the Chamber of Deputies, the chairman of the president of the honorable congress of the Nation of Argentina, which is explained by a national chain. And the media that followed was approving that. Here said the former white dress president from a national chain that Nessman has a close relationship with Lagomarsino …

We are not going to anyone's personal life, because even in war you have to have the honor to respect the enemy when you fight and even allow you to be buried with honors. Here, this woman came out to say she was celebrating while many of us were grieving. Former head of staff, with the prosecutor's hot body, threatened to imprison the mother and criticize the Jewish duel. I explained to society on Twitter how Jews were grieving. The truth is that what we have tried as citizens is very simple. She has no other qualification.

– Why do they kill Nisman? And what was the link you got with him?

WW: I was not a friend of Nisman, and I always say that because I do not argue relationships. I had a professional treatment with him because I was a vice president of DAIA, an AMIA-related plaintiff he was investigating. I have never seen myself outside issues that I had to do with work, which is why I did it [sus sucesivos reclamos públicos en la causa Nisman] It was a civic experience. I did because I was tired, I wanted it for it and they came to an end to me. Then they took part with my family, they were threatened to me, a federal judge was a threat to me, they accused them of being the Mossad agent and the country's medicine for representing foreign interests and economic corporations.

There were the same arguments that the Nazis persecuted grandparents in Germany. The difference is that I do not escape from my country. I'm coming to the fight so that no-one ever has ever gotten the power. Why did they kill Nisman? I do not put it in the book. What I believe-This is political building, because I want everyone to draw their own conclusions-, It's because I'm going to talk. On Monday, he was going to sit down with all the intelligent services that face Justice. They went to see their phones, their accounts, their trips, their correct statements. Make parallel to the case of notebooks: we have more than twenty businesses having been imprisoned and this has revolutionized Argentina's politics. Imagine sitting in the SIDE at the time, who had traveled to Venezuela and Iran, join Esteche, with Elia, with the worst we were like a country in the years that we had to we live this interference, and with the sale and assignment of the most sacred value that justice is given to the person accused of having put a bomb in the Argentina and kill 85 people.

– They see it like a shot to the hornet's nest?

WW: No, in the case of Nisman, it was a bee blow, but the nest would have to appear, after that comparison, and was going to see everything that was lower than # 39; what ended was criticizing and from whom they were partners. I do not know it, but Stiuso testified that he received orders in 2012 to give him the best to investigate Iran. And no-one was designated for false evidence, so it's really true because that's how it appears in the file. And the accused did not come, including the former president, when he said he had received orders from her, to let him know fake evidence.

NB: In my case, I do not have a different theory. I believe that Nisman, I never met but he rebuilt his image through many stories, I had two things that are always very dangerous: information and I was not scared. That is always an explosive combination and they end up exploding, literally.

– The episode dedicated to signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Iran focuses on the figure of Timerman. Why do you think that Timerman, as a Jew, has tried such a deal to agree with such a sovereignty and penalty session?

WW: I never did a Jewish state (Hector) Timerman nor I will. And that was a lot of things I would discuss to me because they intended to throw it out within my community. And for me this is not really because Judaism does not have a code of conduct. I'm not the one to say if Timerman is Jewish or good. Yes, I think he's a terrible chancellor. I count in the book that he admitted to three people that he knows that all Iran wants the red warnings to fall. It's in the files. We call us in April 2014. It was nearly a year and a half after he signed the memorandum signed on the International Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27, 2013), with a country to deny Holocost who was also put a bomb at the Jewish headquarters in Argentina.

He calls me, who was the vice president of DAIA, the president and secretary, and said: "Look, I'll travel to Israel now, but when I return, the House will It certainly fails because of the incompetence of the memorandum. It's good for the government because the government has a goodwill, and I ask you to have this conversation here until I come back. "It's going on an official trip , and when the Government returned, it appeals for the incompetence of the memorandum specified by the camera.

Then, very active, he accuses organizations and Jewish communities. The secretary of the DAIA calls him and says: "But you told us three weeks ago that they did not appeal and had asked us to go with them". Timerman replied: "I'm running out of the border, talking to Zannini." Why did it do? He has a question that he will have to answer. I, as the other leaders, have presented ourselves (Federal judge Claudio) Bonadío and declare what he told us. In your case, I think it's like the bigotry of the conversion. And when I talk about conversion, I am not talking about religion, but of fanaticism that includes ideology, which is usually much stronger.

– Can you count your connection with Judge Daniel Rafecas?

WW: We were not DAIA as plaintiffs in the case that opened after the Nisman's complaint, where the former president and the former chancellor accused to cover, [entre otros 10 imputados que serán juzgados]. Rafecas calls us to his office on February 26, 2015, the same day he says the dismissal in from Nisman's white. Here, it shows us two documents, where back to it, Nessman contradicted his complaint. Then he tells us that the Secretary of Nisman agrees with him that the prosecutor has a psychiatric problem. I had never spoken personally to Rafecas, although he was a man very close to the community. I had seen it in some social events, but he did not have a relationship with it. The truth is that I'm leaving anxious, because I was not a friend of Nisman and that's the first news that someone is close to, as his secretary, says he had a problem psychiatric

– There are other disclosure details in the book, when Rafecas says to them: "Which of the two Nisman do I believe?" and when you sign in the presence of the ruling that denies that complaint …

WW: Well, in fact, the Magistrates' Council was punished for that fact that he has not published, for indecent and incredible behavior. He would have to explain that. But that was a show of force. And it should be explained that, after the Secretary of Nisman confirmed that these documents were not contradictory, he argued that Nessman had a psychiatric problem, and he confirmed that he had not spoken to Rafecas recently. Later, I said that in the Justice, because only because of that he criticized in a television program. He called me and threatened me. That case was closed by Judge Casanello in 24 hours, without making me witness and without the prosecutor Delgado appealed, in a show of judicial corporation. He knows he has squeezed me and, in fact, he acknowledges him in the evidence he gave near Casanello. "Yes," he said, "I called Wolff, and I spoke to him in difficult and difficult terms." It was a crunch.

-If you think you're going to find out that Nisman killed some time? Do you have a hypothesis to form?

WW: I do it and this is a view, it's not a bit of information: this is a local service work. He was very interested in not talking on that Monday: many interested in the subject of the Memorandum, on the matter of Iran, so that he would not know what happened with all the black money he moved the SIDE at the time. Who was she Time will say. Today the glass is half full. Both for the Nisman family, for the 85 families who lost a loved one in the AMIA, or for relatives 29 killed in the assault on the Israeli embassy. Everything is part of the same cycle of attacks of Islamic terrorism. But they were about to make us believe that Nisman's complaint is hooligan and today there are two cases that say her complaint is unlikely, credible and consistent. And there are two other cases that say this should be investigated as a murder. So, until someone can not leave that toxic ideology that is eating in the institutions and understand that the figure of a prosecutor should be highlighted -459 works in a letter with a capital letter – it will be difficult for us All to build a country with stronger organizations .

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