Sunday , August 7 2022

Wait a letter on his back


"I want a letter to write on my back and shield Workshops in the center, "said this cordobs flag to the tattoo artist a few days before his first play team first played for the third stage of the Copa Libertadores former Palestinian. The artist was accomplished and records were evidenced before the game ended at 2 to 2.

In letters of this letter, this great person writes to his doctor and explains the "illness" that the passion for colors implies. "Doctor, you know I'm seriously, I've done a thousand studies and can not find an explanation, I have the answer, so I confess: I am a workshop host, who is a disease. With symptoms in the soul, which has already happened to say: the party opposes, the insanity must reach and until the concern grows ", expresses in the initial paragraph that crosses its wide back.

At the end, and with an improvised letter, he says: "Do not look for more medications about this disease, if you do not know what I've asked for your attention, we'll die & # 39; r Matadors, so we'll die from love ".

There are seamless stories of fans who make crazy things for their clubs. It's worth remembering stories as one of Japan who traveled from a country to see Rosario Central, even knows the songs and shows that he is another sympathy.

Last year, a number of Argentinians, as the song said, left many things apart from traveling to Russia. But in this case, the marks remain in the body showing a commitment that goes beyond the moment.

Workshops were a few years ago playing the federal Argentine A "tournament, the third division with teams from a province inside the country. After arriving at National B, the goal of "Cholo" was noted in Guiaz in the retinas of followers of the "T" to return to the First Division. The process continues and is now reflected in the current tournaments, which are arguing against international tournaments and even reaching final cases in the local tournament.

Next Wednesday will be defeated Palestine and try to win in the cross-Andean country to step forward and integrate the Libertadores Cup Group A. Today, they asked Conmebol for the list of good faith but finally the sanction was economically only.

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