Saturday , June 25 2022

Viral Facebook: a woman takes advantage of the trailer & The Lion King & # 39; to simulate an epic scene with a huge face of a gitten Fb | The King of Lion | Disney Simba | Mufasa animals | social networks | Trends


The excitement that wakes up after the first trailer release of "The Lion King"In this classic Disney, Simba is a bit forced to give her the best to be a little puppy and becomes mad to restore the throne that his father left when he died after being betrayed.

It was great to have the emotion of millions of users who were fun to see this movie in advance, which has created a number of videos that showed emotion for this new movie. However, a user has won thousands approval after reconstructing one of the scenes of this new movie, along with a pet, the thousands have praised the result for this detail.

As shown by a common image on Facebook, a young girl loved my new trailer of "The Lion King"He did not have a better idea than reconstructing one of the views of that emotional trailer, plus a pet.

In the shared image Facebook, we can see how the woman raised her small battle in a way that the pussycat adopted was very similar to Simba when it was raised by Rafiki, when it presented it before all the animals.

The photo of this entertainment has been shared on Facebook and in a few hours it has just gone short as the big likelihood between the mill and the lion is a surprise. In the image, we can see how small it is Kitten Look at the camera, while its owner catches it and show the whole community of users who approved the beauty of the cat.

"They are exactly the same", "What is a beautiful animal", "Both are beautiful"; were some of the comments that could be saved from that publication Facebook, who already has thousands of lovers and hundreds of comments back social network

We share the photo that has won an appreciation of thousands of users on Facebook. What do you think?


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