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Violent prisoner review during a hearing: throwing a litter as a prosecutor – 12/14/2018

The respondent's lawyer responded immediately. Although two police officers tried to control their client, she did not shout or run away. He held his head, as a gesture of resignation. After the defendant was abolished, he found rubbish for a prosecutor during the hearing where it was prevented from preventative treatment.

The victim of the assault was the prosecutor Guillermo Loyola, who was sitting a few meters away from the detained, Edelvino Horacio Ramallo, who was accused as a driver of attempts to murder and six other acts executed from a Coronda prison, where he meets Two convictions ending in 2032.

Prior to the assault, the prosecutor had considered Ramallo "high risk" prisoner and advised to restrict his visits. He was during a two-hour hearing, and the judge had already called attention to the misconduct of the prisoner, known as "Yiyo."

After Loyola reviewed all the facts given to Ramallo, and while the defense attorney was released, the person who was tired in his seat, pulled off the desk and went throw out to the prosecutor, who had a strong effect on him the headteacher

In the images recorded by camera and room it is found that the judicial officer sits down, adjusting his glasses and touching the tidal area of ​​the shot. Meanwhile, the person who was detained was reduced by two policies that he deleted from the place. "I'm going to kill"shouted before leaving

After the violent scene, the judge decided to exclude the hearing, which later resumed with the presence of regional prosecutor Diego Vigo, who replaced Loyola. The officer held the request for detention preventive a He also asked for a restriction on the visit procedure.

Hilda América Knaeblein, attorney for Ramallo, said the prosecutor's reaction was related to her mother's talk. "I do not justify it in any way, but the prosecutor made a stimulus at the end of his revelation. There was no need to talk about the Ramallo family that he has nothing to do with the fact, "he said after the hearing, according to the newspaper And Coastline.

The lawyer then said that his client repented. "He asked me to apologize to those present, who had done very badly, but who He was cloudy when the prosecutor spoke of mom"he said.

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