Wednesday , January 27 2021

Violence, machete dogs and burning | Chronic

A number of instances of animal enthusiasm were reported by a not-for-profit defender organization, who reported assault on a number of seeds in the Entre Ríos of Parana as in Santa Fe. Through SOS Pitbull Santa Fe, a $ 5,000 prize is offered to anyone who can provide accurate data and information about the appearance of a dog in severe health conditions this Friday in the north of the city, more precisely in the Ayacucho street and in old way to Esperanza.

Despite the efforts of people dedicated to caring for dogs in a street situation and to various organizations, they could not save the life of the animal due to the essential health condition found. In the same situation, it was learned that in each Entre Rios media, white was rescued on Friday with very severe headaches and vaginal injuries.

The animal had to be admitted to a place veterinarian who was present, but beyond the effort it is known that there is a prejudice to the severity that is about to come. Experts said the skip shot had been done "there's probably an ax or Machete and settling in the Veterinary Veterinary Surgeon".

The agency raises money for the recovery of Julia, the canon after hospitals, the name they baptize and the animal are abusive.

The animal had to be admitted to a vet due to the serious injuries.

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