Thursday , August 18 2022

Violence in football: they burned a line judge in San Juan with hot water


Another fact of violence was seen in the area Liga Sanjuanina de Fútbol. In the game between Marquesado a San Martin, at the start of the competition, Rosana Paz line judge was burned with hot water by local cast supporters.

At the end of the game, where the home side was forced by 1-0, an error on the part of assistant 1 who damaged the place made his fans angry, It was unloaded with helper number 2 by throwing a thermos with hot water on its back.

"It was two minutes before the game ended and I felt I was being treated as a hot liquid on my back. At that time, I called on the lead referee to tell him what happened a I asked them to give me cold water to calm the burning. They wanted to postpone the game, but we reached an agreement so that it would end legally. " the referee said, o 46 years, in a dialogue with the environment Daily telesol.

Once in the locker room, the judge collapsed and was aware of the seriousness of her injuries. Paz was treated by a doctor who improved his burns and blisters. "I don't get injuries from the blow, but I have to take care of the infections in the wound t"he reported.

The girl showed her revenge on these acts of violence and ensured that they only stained the ball sport. "I hope this doesn't happen again, because i was e, but it could be one of my companions. This causes the sport's image to be distorted. You're doing this out of passion and you don't stop mer, ”added the referee who has more than five years in the profession.

The third referee made the report and made the corresponding relief before the San Juan Football League, and expects the entity to take the equivalent measures. "We must end this violence on the courts. Now families are afraid of these actions and football should be a party", Paz came to an end.

President of the sanjuanino organism, Alberto Platero, He is already aware of the events and did not rule out penalties for the offender club.

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