Wednesday , January 27 2021

Video: This was the persecution which ended with a dead policeman – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

An assistant member of the Mendoza Police died in the early hours of this Sunday and another injury was injured with him when he hit a post-chasing post.

The event took place at approximately 5.30 am, during a trip to Renault Clio which started in Guaymallén and extended several kilometers to Godoy Cruz.

The driver of the Clio, identified as Martín Mancuso Ferreyra (54), was driving with a suspicious attitude and in trying to stop him from the soldiers he speeded up and escaped.

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The patrol car was pursuing but on the corner of Moreno and Belgrano, his driver lost control on the road and struck a power pole.

As a result of the impact, Dante Torres (45), who served at the 31 police station in Guaymallén, died and was the one who dealt with the mobile phone.

His friend Luis Manuel Urbani (30) suffered a serious injury to the head with loss of consciousness and was transferred to the French Clinic.

In so much, the Renault Clio's phone was captured by other police mobile phones in the street Almirante Brown and Lemos. In the first place, only Mancuso Ferreyra could be accused of disobedience, as he escaped the former high voice of the police, but took no part in the accident, according to the initial reconstruction carried out by Traffic Traffic Prosecutor, Fernando Giunta. .

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