Monday , January 17 2022

Vicuña Benjamin, uncertainty victim: said he was stolen back to phone and pictures – 11/20/2018


Vicuña Youngest child He joined the list of the famous victims of uncertainty. The actor Chile, who lives in Buenos Aires with her partner, the "China" Suárezand children attacked in Palermo countryside, although he did not give details that were a street flooding or not stealing.

"I was just stealing in Cabrera and Gurruchaga my backpack with the phone, all my documents a personal things, among them, pictures of my daughter. If someone finds them, communicate like this, "wrote Vicuña on Twitter.

He took a few minutes for his message to receive hundreds of retweets. In addition, his fans responded, some with messages support, others awesome for the bad time the Chile spent. But at the moment, none of them saw their property.

It's worth remembering that the actor lives very well: he's finally getting involved 100 days to fall in love; It was part of the fourth season of the Spanish series Visiting Vis -But will be released in December-, and in January it will start recording Argentina: land of love and hope, the new Pol-Ka strips that occur in the 30's.

Vicuña has been showing more active in the networks, sharing photos of Magnolia, the nine-month-old girl with "China" Suárez. Even so, Twitter used to communicate bad news.

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