Sunday , August 14 2022

US: Experts recommend not to impose implants of the breast associated with a rare type of cancer t


The government's medical advisers on Monday said that it was too early to ban a type of breast implants recently associated with a rare type of cancer, and noted that more information was needed to understand the problem.

Food and Drug experts (FDA) experts panel did not recommend limiting these types of implants immediately, after reviewing the latest investigations on the risks of these prostheses during one day, during which there are t decades have raised health concerns.

The FDA is looking at how to get to grips with the new scientific knowledge that implants can cause a rare form of lymphoma that grows in the scar tissue around the breasts. The agency identified around 450 cancer cases worldwide, including 12 deaths. Almost all cases include a type of textured implant that is designed not to slip and to reduce the dimension of the healing tissue.

However, most of the 19 panel members – including plastic surgeons and specialist oncologists – said it was too early to order these implants from the market.

"Do we want to put ourselves in the position where we get rid of sweetener and the substitute is even worse?" Karla Ballman, a biostatics expert at Weill Cornell School of Medicine in New York, said. "It seems to me that a rushed response of pulling something back without knowing what will be replaced might cause us more problems."

The prevalence estimates of the disease range from one case in 3,000 women to one in 30,000. Its slow development and usually can be handled effectively by removing the implants.

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