Tuesday , January 26 2021

Unfortunately, the S & P Merval renewed its maximum and exceeded 37,000 points

Y The Merval S & P index of the Argentine Stock Exchange and Market Exchanges is 1.5% higher, to 37,145 points, after the highest historic interactive value marking 37,243.93 points.

Thanks to the stimulation of Supervielle Group papers (+ 5.7%); Port Central (+ 4.9%); French Bank (+ 3.1%); Macro Bank (+ 3.1%); to the Galicia Financiero Grupo (+ 2.6%).

So the leading index scored its sixth successive and already accumulating progress improve almost 23% so far this year.

With $ 865 million being traded in shares, the business with banking papers stood out again: between Galicia and Supervielle, 30% of the total volume was traded.

There were 41 hikes, 35 people injured and 11 shares without changes. In the general panel, there was a higher rise than those observed in the lead index: Sur Petrolera del Cono jumped 9.1%; Banco Patagonia, 6.3%; ENEL Generation Costanera, 6.1%; to Aginos Molinos, 5.7%.

"Another time the financial sector was the unique composer of the day, and it is expected that there will be very good numbers in the fourth quarter of 2018 for a good part of the banks, which will be known only mid-February", explained by Rava.

Local assets are reluctant to take a break and extend the strong recovery they have been practicing since the beginning of the year, in the center of new desire for emerging markets, tunelessly "Fed's" fog "(fake) against the increase in rates, as well as the penalty valuations abandoned by 2018, analyzes the economist Gustavo Ber.

Fixed income and country risk

In the fixed income segment, on the other hand, the bonds rose dollar again and expanded earnings last week, after the start of weakness to the day.

They closed with an average increase between 50 cents and 1 dollar in the middle and long sections of the curve. Fact to point out: the centenary bond (AC17) and Argentina 2046 (AA46) accumulate an increase of 15% of the minimum December, set out by the SBS Group.

"The bonds reach the proposed target area, which should be used to download jobs", the Delphos Investment consultancy company is estimated.

In this framework, the country risk Argentinian Seven basic points fell to 647 units.

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