Wednesday , December 2 2020

Two sisters had twins of one man and one day

Chrissy and Annie are two sisters with a specific history, they had twins of the same person who were born the same day. Surely, a fact that highlights.

The full story is love between sisters and does not stop the users of the networks exciting. And, the sisters of the United States share individual experience as mothers. They had twins of the same father and were born the same day.

Annie in a couple with them Joby Johnston, but despite trying constantly, they could not baby babies. Something they wanted with all their power. So for five years they had all kinds of treatments, surgeries and in vitro spraying without success.

Then his sister was Chrissy, is offered to be the substitute the baby's mother. Then the couple decided to take time out of all treatments to become parents and decide that they should accept the controversial motion.

The two sisters showed that fertility clinic where they had both embryos. The desire to get children was more than what was desired, but the possibility of that was not happening.

Despite having everything against a few days, the sisters got happy news. Both were pregnant! But this would not be the only great news. The two twins expected.

The sisters decided to show their happiness through some images showing the belly of pregnancy. "Exciting me to turn 34, I'm even more excited that I have reached 36 weeks today! This is our 10/10 picture of baby packs"Annie wrote.

The day arrived at the end and the sisters lived with each other The most beautiful love experience. "My sister first gave birth to me to be present when the two beautiful children were born. Two hours later, at 9:30 a.m., I got the girls" I confirm annie.

Parents can not hide their huge happiness and Annie deeply thanked her sister for helping her achieve her greatest dream.

He is 98 years old and moves to a nursing home to care for his 80-year-old son

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