Saturday , July 2 2022

Two Santa Claus and one wearing as an Afon, the pearls of Macri's speech before Christmas


President called Juliana Awada to wear a red suit and Santa Claus from Casa Rosada said: "I've put it into the River … What do you want me to do?" Credit: Presidency

Mauricio Macri

"difficult year" in the Casa Rosada and, along with

Juliana Awada

, her daughter


and a man has been hidden as Santa Claus performs

Christmas Tost

. "It seems to be bringing two Santa," said the President at his wife, laughing, who had to wear in a red suit. In the background the children's cries were present, who raised their voices to be heard by Santa who, at that time, called with Macri: "They dressed in the River, President … What are you? I want to do it? "

The president will begin his vacation in Patagonia tomorrow and will not have an official activity until the end of the year. It is expected, therefore, that the message of the silence, along with the staff of Balcarce 50 and their families, is the last message of the year at Casa Rosada.

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