Saturday , November 28 2020

Turmeric to prevent cancer?

(ANSA) – A group of multidisciplinary scientists in emulsion Chile developed on the molecule basis of the turmeric – used as a condiment in different military cultures – which has allowed them to stop re-appearance cancer and 100% metastasis of the animals treated, with only one dose.

The team is part of the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDis), a benchmark in research excellence, which aims to identify the genetic, environmental and social elements that determine the development of cardiovascular and cancer in the population of Chile to offer alternatives to prevention or control.

The academy from Chile University, the Argentine biochemist, Marcel Kogan, who has specialized in nanomedicine, stressed the importance of studying chronic diseases and shows that 52% of death cases in this country are associated with cardiovascular and cancer diseases.

"Chronic diseases threaten the quality of life of Chilean because of an" epidemic "of risk factors that affect the over 45's and the children's population," he said. The Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and ACCDiS researcher, Felipe Oyarzún, explained in a press conference that the main component of the human body is water, "which means that the drugs must be it gets up. "

But when treating cancer, there are many molecules that do not abolish in water, so they are not effective; To this end, most of the therapies are added to contain poisonous elements that kill poor and good cells. "Curcumin is a fragile and unstable molecule, when it is administered without car-polishing it – apart from having any effect, can quickly instiliate." Within the animal that we created, it has protected for much longer, which would have a long-lasting sign on the administration site, "Oyarzún explained.

Similarly, it revealed the defectiveness of the formula when applied in doses much higher than those that are required to prevent re-appearance and metastasis of tumors. He explained that the application was when the tumor was removed, before closing the interference, a few defects were taken and the result was that the tumor did not appear again or to a metastasis in another organ.

Oyarzún and Kogan said they were in the pre-mitigation period and that they needed to move on in certified studies, requiring a laboratory or pharmaceutical industry to take an interest in carrying out the tests. Before the ANSA consultation, it stated that the value of forming the product is one-third of the dollar, but does not include distribution, overcrowding or marketing. He said that many people were calling to ask how much turmeric should be used to treat or prevent cancer, and they respond that this has done at laboratory level to create a milk-like emulsion that should be studied how much it should take a person according to their weight, type of cancer, etc. If you have a turmeric injection on your salads, stews, the more you will accumulate at the stomach level and benefit o antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The interdisciplinary team has everything ready to start the next tests, provided they have the resources. In this objective, the center aims to obtain a base that allows private contributions.

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