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Trump threatens General Motors for closing plants: "They play with the wrong person"

Before traveling to Argentina to take part in the G20 conference, US president Donald Trump, He again expressed his anger with General Motors (GM) for the release of the closure of four factories from North America and cutting thousands of workers.

In conversation with The Wall Street Journal, the Republicans acknowledged that he spoke to CEO of Mary Bar, and was "very tough" with her. "It would be better if they opened a new plant in Ohio quickly", Trump threatened the head of the American group.

"I talked to her when I heard they closed and said: you know, This country has done a lot to General Motors. It would be better for you to go back there"admitted the president of America.

"I'll tell him they are playing with the wrong person"Trump added, very blamed by the announcement about the production stop in Lordstown, Ohio, where the Chevrolet Cruze is produced. "They say that the Chevy Cruze does not sell well, I said: well, have a good car that sells well and put it back , "he revealed his dialogue with Barra.

Ohio is A key state for the Trump campaign in 2020. In the 2016 presidential elections, it earned more than 8 percentage points.

On Wednesday, the Republicans had warned on Twitter that its government was "studying cutting all GM subsidies, including some electric cars." General Motors betrayed a lot in China years ago when they built plants there (and in Mexico), I do not think That bet is worth it. I'm here to protect American workers!"

The GM published measures for 2019 consider stopping the production of six models a 15% dismissal of employees. With this restructuring they plan a total saving US $ 6000 million.

The industrial centers next year they will close their doors they are Oshawa (Canada), Lordstow (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), White Marsh (Maryland) and Warren (Michigan). The last four are locatedUnited States

In Argentina General Motors produces the Chevrolet Cruze in Santa Fe, just one of the six models will be coming to an end in the United States.

Sources of the company in the country ensures it Car Cars that the situation in the United States it does not change the plans to continue the production of Cruze, on a sedan and hatchback version, or the investment of $ 500 million to make a new model in 2020.

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