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Travel income from people to Colorado hospitals for ingesting marijuana in food


Visits to emergency services caused by marijuana in a hospital in Colorado, the first state in the United States that legalized the drug completely, t trebled in a few years, according to a study warning of the dangers of eating foods that contain cannabis t.

Colorado Experience with Cannabis, t has been authorized for recreational use in 2014, is the oldest in the United States, which means that the study is to be published in t Annals of Internal Medicine be particularly interesting.

Therapeutic use of marijuana lawfully in 34 of the United States' 50 states and the leisure, at 10.

The researchers Half a million admissions to emergency rooms were analyzed at Colorado hospital, in Aurora, from 2012 to 2016, it is almost rough At least 2,500 were attributed in part to the consumption of marijuana.

More of the 90% of these emergency consultations were due to breathing and the remainder were for ingestion of products edibles, cookies, candy or any of the countless foods that contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychotropic substance of the plant.

The fact that he tripled the visits was not surprising Andrew Monte, professor of emergency medicine and lead author of the study.

"Whenever there is a new medication in a community, there are more visits to emergency rooms associated with it"Monte told AFP, as happens for example with blood pressure medications.

Rather, it is surprising that the proportion of visits caused by the. T marijuana intake much more than its "share of the market".

In Colorado, only the edible marijuana is Sold 0.3% of THC, compared to 10% income in emergency rooms.

"There is naive behavior about edible cannabis"said Monte. "The edible phenomenon is known to emergency doctors for a long time, but there was no data until our study."

"Unfortunately, the effects of edible cannabis are much less predictable", he said." People do not expect this to cause anxiety or psychosis. "

If the marijuana is smoked, it operates in less than ten minutes, reach a peak in blood concentration between 30 and 90 minutes and it is breaking down in four hours. When they are swallowed, the top It takes three hours and the THC stays in the body until 12 hours later.

This slowness can lead to Neophyte users to eat too much and too fast, hoping to feel the effect quickly but go instead production of intoxication and, on some occasions, acute psychiatric symptoms.

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