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"Toy Story 4" has already been traced in advance – 11/12/2018


The most common toys box will open for the fourth time. Toy Story 4, from Disney-Pixar, will be released in cinemas in Argentina in June 2019 and the first trailer of the fourth part of one of the most popular children's classics in film history is already has been released.

In the short, there is still one minute, Woody, Buzz, the dinosaur, Mr Cara de Papa, and the rest of the toys, all happy, caught, scary. Until an unexpected event occurs …

Not giving much details, according to a statement by Disney-Pixar, the film directed by Josh Cooley (Riley's first date) and produced by Jonas Rivera (Intense, UP: Adventure of height) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer of Intense), based on Woody's adventures, of course, who was always sure of his place in the world, and to be a priority to look after his child, either Andy or Bonnie.

The Woody poster, in the announcement of

The Woody poster, in the "Toy Story 4" ad.

But, likewise, the text states that when Bonnie adds a new reluctant toy to a room, from the name Forky, a road trip along with old and new friends learning Woody how big the world can be for a toy.

The first major success of the Pixar studios was the first time Toy Story (1995), which reports the arrival of Buzz Lightyear and a league with Sheriff Woody to escape from Sid's surprise neighbor brackets.

The film, the first was fully animated with digital effects in the history of the cinema, including the voice of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks in the leading roles, and became a success to criticize and collect worldwide.

The second part of the saga on the rescue of Woody by Mr Cara de Papa, Slinky, Rex and Hamm's dog Toy Story 2 (1999), made in collaboration between Pixar and Disney.

And the last one, so far, was Toy Story 3 (2010) starts with the lovable toy casual donation to the Sunnyside nursery before Andy's tour night to the university.

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