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Toresani, former partner of Gallardo and Guillermo, predicted


Julio César arrived "Huevo" Toresani i Boca in 1996 by Colón de Santa Fe, but after being a champion with the River during the first half of a decade, 90. Companion Marcelo Gallardo in the club million and Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto in the xeneizes said he had a good relationship with the three and had remembered: "I'm giving Gallardo small, cacheton, like a cake doll He was angry, but he was staying there. "

On the finish of this Saturday, Toresani predicted that it is defined by penalties and avoiding favoring favor, beyond that the people of Boca remember her with more affection than the River: he scored one goal in superclassic, for Boca, in the Opened 97 that would be later to be Diego Maradona's last game.

– What stands out of your time in Afon and Boca?

– I was five years in the River, it was not great, and I had the opportunity to become a champion. In Boca to play with the best, Diego Maradona. Boca people encouraged a little more with me and made me feel in the street. I have great memories in both organizations.

– How did he play in Boca after going through the River?

– In the beginning, Boca fans were a pure whistle, but a little bit I started to win people and stop barbarously. This was one of the best football moments. Some of the Rivers do not forgive me.

-You were your time to be part of "heavyweight" dresses

Boca was a heavy clothing bag, many figures. In the River too. Always learn from great figures that I get next.

Maradona sentence against Toresani, after that Boca-Colón from 1995

– After the "Segurola y Habana", how did she meet Maradona in Boca?

– I can not say anything wrong about him, as a person who is a barbaric person. For me, it was not easy, it was threatening to come, Bilardo told me that nothing was going to happen. After appearing Diego, he told me that this was Boca, what happened last, we had a hand in hand and resolved everything.

-The knowledge of both Boca and Afon technician is good

– I love both coaches, who was my companion. I'll give a "doll" to Gallardo; He was 16, 17 and started training with us. It was small, cachetone, like a cake doll. He was angry, but he was staying there. With Guillermo, he did not play much because he was in Caniggia and went into the second stage. We have a good relationship.

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