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Today dollar: after black Monday, quiet and low country risk quotes – 12/18/2018


The dollar started on Tuesday quietly a The country's risk is released after the highest value of Macri's era.

The money remained on the banks from around $ 39.21, the average it had closed the previous day according to the Central Bank. In the wholesale market, where companies and banks operate, 2 cents fell to $ 38.22. In the region, it had started low, but it has already listed again on the increase.

Country danger, which reached 782 points on Monday, resume 0.51% to 778. This index measures how much Argentina must have to pay for debt over US Treasury bonds.

Monday the Merval dropped 3.93%, while the papers of the local companies quoted at Wall Street have fallen by up to 8%.

Local analysts bought the Chinese economy brake to the bad environment in New York and also to a likely increase in Federal Reserve rates. But they noted the number of local factors such as electoral uncertainty in the middle of the economic recession.

The dollar, which was closed on Friday at $ 39.03, had reached $ 39.32, then down to $ 39.21 on average.

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