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To play World Cup with Messi to scan tires in MotoGP: Ariel's new life "Chino" Garcé

Walk paddock as one other employee. They are the ones 8 in the morning, there are not many moves fans yet, but it is already there in the International circuit of Termas de Río Hondo willing to carry out his work. The bed motor motor where we stay with my friends and the constant sound of the motorcycles that circulate around the city without letting it rest quietly, but t happiness of being close to one of your passion We have enough fuel to start the day. This is the day of the race in the. T Motul GP Republic of Argentina and the former footballer Ariel 'Chino &' 39; Garcé It is mixed among the motorcycle supervisors as another. Its name is on the organization's spreadsheets that distribute the tasks and they call it its last name, but they don't give it importance to be a player that is t He wore the Argentine team shirt in the World Cup. Our other environment, other interests. Also, he is no longer wearing long hair or the thick beard of his footballing period, now short hair and chin shaved. What is unmistakable is his smile and his eyes relaxed, he can recognize football.

"Now my technician, but from MotoGP", jokes 'Chinese & # 39'; in a dialogue with Infobae, with a play on words referring to his latest link with the most popular sport in the world, the one he practiced professionally for 15 years since he was promoted to his; first team. t River Plate inside 1999. After retirement, he began to step like assistant trainer of the Coudet 'Chacho &' 39; inside Rosario Centralbut now moved from the courts to get closer to the tracks. He decided to enjoy a little more of his other passion: motorcycles. He always liked them. Even one of his steps as a player in the Colón Athletics Club o Santa Fe play with the shirt; in tribute to Valentino Rossi, the most respectable pilot in Argentina.

Your friendship with you Hernán Villacreces, originally piloted from Rosario who was a champion of Supermotard on numerous occasions and now competing in the. t Argentina Motorcycle Competition (CAM) t, bring it to the World Motorcycling Championship kitchen. Hernán worked as a technician last year and this year added "Chino" to the adventure.

They are part of the group of Commissioners responsible for technical management, a role played by different people associated with motorcycling in Argentina. Check covers, chassis, engine, transistor, fuel temperature and more issues we make motorcycle performance. They have always admired competitors like Rossi or Márquez on television, but now they can take part in the interior.

"I always came to see, I liked motorcycles, with my friends we're going to walk. In 2015 I was a couple of times, but the place I live in no longer exists. There is no access or potential funding to pay for it. Apart from that, to be in a privileged place, I've got a job to do: check out some things that have already been checked, just monitor. But then the experience of living this, I I had never seen the pilots close and now we are next, we checked their bikes, we see how they are preparing for the race, we listen to comments and we are in this environment. We have restrictions, obviously, we cannot go to the track to look, but we can cooperate with them and live a new experience. I'm very happy, "admitted Garcé.

While waiting for directions from his senior officers, with his violet vest on and at the door and box, the "Chinese" account that the first days had to do "Moto2 bicycle tires" and what he did General checks also check the queen category machines. The pilots, which move at full and confidential discretion from the paddock, it is passed several times a day. But they admire them in silence. Exactly because he is also an athlete and famous. Even in 2010, a squad with Lionel Messi shared at the most important football event: FIFA World Cup. We know what the siege of the fans is to number one in a world-class sporting event t.

"I didn't catch any photos with the pilots and not that I can't, because my colleagues have three pictures each, but part of me leads me not to hang on them. Yesterday Andrea Dovizioso walked and we asked him for a picture. I never stopped, he showed good vibrations but he walked half way as I was in my leave. He took his shoulder and took his hand. From the outside, you can think that Dovizioso, as he won the first race, comes to the second happy and gets the best wave, but He has his own world and you don't know if something happened between career and career. As a player, it happened to me. Can be first in the championship or move on in the World Cup and it worried you about your problems, your things, your role, your beliefs " t, he argued the Chinese, and explained that he only gave the idea that he crossed for a moment in his head to give him the shirt from Columbus with 46 to Valentino Rossi.

It is stunned by a world that always stimulated it but it is under a little water. Whatever, Garcé count Infobae we think about returning to my first love: " tIn a few years I think I am DT. I prepare myself to be able to stand and be responsible for the task, so that I can do that. I was offered to be in Rosario Central before Paulo Ferrari but I am not ready, but not through equipment, but because it's not my time. And because it's not an important opportunity, you have to get hold of it. The Chacho & # 39; call me every day, my friendand when I face a new project it always tells me that I have the place to insure, I will work with him. "

Meanwhile, enjoy a competition of the highest level. The MotoGP and its infrastructure makes anyone stepping on the Argentine circuit facilities feel they have dipped in unseen sporting reality t. It's all happening to everyone, even to someone himself Ariel Garcé who experienced something similar in the World Cup. "I didn't play in Europe but I played the World Cup and has the best in infrastructure, the same thing is happening here. Note that we are in Santiago del Estero, but behind the road course (Termas de Río Hondo international circuit) and you seem to be in Europe.. From everywhere you look, from the museum to the track and the people coming, "he said. T

He has stepped on many costumes, rallies and courts in almost 500 games as a professional footballer.. He was the main character and conductor, as when he gave an emotional speech that made Diego Maradona call it to the World Cup. Now we are moving like another for that boxes and observe with discretion how the pilots sigh deeply for the last time before facing 25 alarms in terms of the tension and the greatest competitiveness. The 'Chinese & 39'; know both sides of the coin.

"There is a similar part between football and motorcycles, that is release fears before going out to compete. All the athletes went through to Messi. You can say 'What fear does Márquez and Valentino have?', but they also seek trust and they try to press on something before they start – like Chino, which also makes a difference – although this is an individual sport, t no matter what team behind it, the driver leaves his own to the track. To pilot you can say this is fourth, here is the braking of this; but then it's done. As long as the team speaks to you on the radio, if you have an error, no one saves you. In football you have the support of another 10 players, on the court a partner falls you and your lodging, and if you lose you have the other that can save you. "

Finish the day with the unacceptable victory of Marc Márquez on Valentino Rossi a Dovizioso, the task of the technical commissioners is being carried out. Ariel Garcé leaves the Termas de Río Hondo round after another day enjoying a passion that she has nurtured in recent years. The retirement is always complicated for football players. There is a sunset that everyone is not prepared for and some face a huge void. But it's not true for Chino 's, which has given free freedom to his emotions in an unforgettable weekend for him, with his t first experience in MotoGP. Three days of work in his new life will never forget.

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