Thursday , September 29 2022

Tino Costa, the hero of the Surgery: "The goal is salvation"


San Martn He won an historical victory in the classic tucumano by winning 3 to 2 a Attack, at a meeting of the Superliga Argentina who appeared to measure those of Ricardo Zielinski. The local took advantage of two goals, but the visitor turned around and the party moved to La Ciudadela.

And the hero of the night was "Tino" Costa, who scored the third goal in 30 of the ST: "We have a huge happiness, we won a great game in a very difficult field, this team shows his face, the goal is salvation, we both got different things like teams, but we did We did not get to the top to win and we got. ".

Beyond the spectacular victory, the three points meant the Surgeon out of the domain declined for the first time in 14 dates: "We're looking for this, our goal, we have, is fighting for the whole year, but to score a classic goal, like this, in a state that was waiting for this game in the Is First-thing, and that's what was your victory, it makes me happy and happy ".

The 33-year-old player referee also rejoiced by re-exchange in Argentine football: "In San Lorenzo, they did not give me the chance to play, and they give me confidence, and when a player gets confidence, he's changing his head and I believe my I'm doing it right, I want to thank many people, my wife, about My son and my friends, I'll show that I can play in Argentina's football ".

"Happy because I've enjoyed a spectacular classic without violence, and want help for an incredible and historic victory!" We go to San Martn ", a post, a few hours later, one of Walter Coyette's growing team figures that still concealed his happiness.

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