Monday , January 18 2021

This would be the first real image of the Xiaomi Mi 9 in the hands of the company's manager

rumors about the new Redmi Note 7 Pro by Xiaomi

Xiaomi wants to go full to the high market, just like mid and low end. However, that is the truth Today it's hard to match terminals that are worth almost twice as much from best terminals & company.

This is the year of the Xiaomi Mi 9, and it seems, The company's manager with the terminal was seen in his hand, Common tactics are among high Xiaomi lists, which create a great deal of expectation with this type of desired supervision.

This would be the Xiaomi Mi 9

As we can read in Fonearena, the Xiaomi Product Manager published a photo of a terminal with a triple back chamer and then erased it, which gave us The first clues about how the Chinese company's production will be.

The triple back camera will be one of the main attractions, as well as the processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, that will be the standard of the high range during this 2019 and that promises to offer even better results at Speed ​​and Artificial Intelligence level, as we said recently.

Xiaomi My 9 filter

However, in our view, Xiaomi must try to overcome OnePlus in every aspect if trying to attack the traditional high end, and one of the best assets is the software. MIUI is a great tier – we have some complaints – but that's it needs to be refined slightly more at the design level, as well as losing weight to get light if you want to compete with a Chinese competitor, who has aimed at a much more western audience.

On the other hand, we believe the company is moving intelligently to include a third camera to improve the photographic section, which seems to focus on the fight of the high head today. That's the truth Xiaomi Mi 8 left us with a rather rather tasty taste Due to the unusual width of his leaflet, something we expect the Chinese company to correct for this new terminal.

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