Monday , June 27 2022

This colorful blue blob is the brilliant comet to visit Earth in 2018 – BGR


For astronomers, seeing things at large distances all form part of the meat, but sometimes our Solar System looks after the hard work by bringing interesting objects to the Earth's cosmic hair. Comets are one of those types of objects, and in a new blog, NASA shows some beautiful images (if a bit blurred) of the brilliant comet of 2018.

This special ball of ice and rock is called 46P / Wirtanen, and the images you see here are captured on December 13 as the comet falls within about 7.4 million mileage of planets.

The visible light image (above) means that the comedy itself is hard to see, but it has taken away within the bright central blue region of the boring cloud. Those clouds are a mixture of dust and gas that the frozen objects begin to throw as it gets closer and closer to the Sun. Here is this icon that forms the iconic "tail" that we all have to expect from a comedy.

In the infrared image (below) you can see more clearly a kernel that has defined it well. These images help scientists to study the comet carefully and learn more about how sunlight affects these types of objects as well as debris clouds that flow from their scope.

"Comet 46P / Wirtanen is sorting the Sun once every 5.4 years, much faster than the 75-year orbit of the famous Hal comet," said NASA. "Most passing through the internal solar system is much far from the Earth, making this year's exhibition particularly notable."

NASA and other scientific bodies around the world have enough reason to study comets, especially as a result of new research and theories that comets could be responsible for presenting a large amount of water to planets in the past. If that was the case and, indeed, we may have a comedy to thank for our own existence.

Image Source: NASA, ESA, D. Bodewits (University of Auburn) and J.-Y. Li (Institute of Plastic Science)

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