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They will release the man who forgot his son in the car and died aspiring


They will release the man who forgot his son in the car and died aspiring

Warranty No. 5 ordered him to regain his freedom in the next hours. He also ordered him to start psychological treatment.

This was ordered by the San Martin Warranty No. 5 San Martin after a hearing held this afternoon in the context of a bespoke homicide case that investigated R.O. under the orders of the prosecutor Alejandra Aillaud. The Court decided that psychological treatment should start and it should be sent every 20 days to the police unit near its home.

R.O., 36, a computer company employee, has been detained since last Tuesday. The tragic event was reported to 911 by the same man, who admitted to find a dead woman in his Peugeot 308 after leaving her forgotten in the back seat.

Researchers are hoping to collect data from the baby's father's medical history, because according to the witnesses of relatives who had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) while playing rugby at San Martín's Club in Villa Raffo in 2015.

That chapter, according to neighbors on the block, would have left sequences that sometimes caused a loss of awareness or memory.

The results of the autopsy showed that the death occurred at noon, five hours after leaving in the rear seat seat 308. The temperature of Tuesday reached 24 degrees at noon, but inside it One, having closed, in the sun and without air, is probably very good.

It is believed that this environment causes an increase in the baby's temperature – hyperemia – has added to the disturbance. During the 9 hours the car continued, no neighbor did not notice the presence of the child through the windows dint. There were no tears either.

According to the evidence of neighbors in the area, as part of their daily work R.O. He was driving the vehicle early in the morning to take a wife to work and a little Catalina to a nursery. The baby was traveling back to his chair.

However, the father never went to the mother's garden, but after leaving his partner, he went directly to his home, where he reached about 8:30 and, forgetting that the girl behind it was go to the house.

At 4:30 PM, nine hours later, R.O. He probably went to the vehicle with the intention to get rid of the baby from the garden, but when he opened the door, Catalina found no essential signs. (Infobae)

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