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They went to steal his house, defended himself to the pictures and one of the thieves died when he escaped


February 22, 2019

The episode's actor is a 76-year-old retirement. The event occurred in Las Heras, Mendoza.


A 76 year old man resist assault on the shots after at least two offenders entered a house in Las Heras, Mendoza. One of the thieves died while trying to escape while another was injured and arrested while in hospital, police sources said.

The episode was held during the Thursday evening meal His owner was surprised by at least two offenders who came to steal. Faced with that situation, The retirement carried a firearw he had in one of the drawings and fired on the thieves, who in observing the response decided to escape.

Bringing a service station offender, attached to the cashier with a tape and burn

The offenders were on a motorcycle, injured, and escaped. However, just blocks away, on the street General Paz and Maipú, the motorcycle driver, identified by the police as Javier Eduardo Torres, 22, loses control and falls on the pavement. When the police arrived, they checked that the subject was He had a bullet in his chest and had died.

The companion, from 19 years, came away from the place, although later he stopped when he came in Ysbyty Carrillo: I had a bullet wound in my right hand. A few minutes later, he showed the retirement at the police station in the area, passed the gun (a .22 caliber revolver) and the relationship of what happened.

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