Monday , September 26 2022

They warn people about diabetes and prevent them


Dr Pablo Fernández, an expert in diabetes and endocrinology warned about the effects of diabetes on people and gave some preventative measures that can be performed.

According to the professional, the first cause of kidney failure and dialysis in the world, the first cause of blindness and traumatic loss, while the disease continues to increase.

He also mentioned that one-third of patients have cardiovascular diseases and "the main cause of death among diabetic patients is cardiovascular disease, specific stroke and myocardial blow," said Dr Fernandez.

The worrying thing is that the latest studies show that only 25% of people with diabetes say they know the cardiovascular risk they run. "The patient who does not know his or her risks, who does not know his illness, keeps a great deal of treatment and that the final results are only these complications. & # 39, the diabetic patient, because diabetes has dropped their life expectancy of six years and the one who has had a stroke and had a stroke has a 12-year reduction in their life expectancy, "he said.

"The patient who does not know his or her risks, who does not know his illness, keeps a great deal of treatment". PABLO FERNÁNDEZ, Endocrinoleg diabetes.

For this reason, Pablo Fernández says that it is important that people with diabetes know their illness know their treatment and their risks


According to the expert, when a person is diagnosed with diabetes, many suffer from an alarming, because they have heard that it is an important disease and has complications, but that this initial fear is transformed respectfully and on After six Months of treatment often reduce self care, controls, adhere to treatment defects and find it more usual to get higher glycemia.

That is why it is recommended that continuing education be maintained, to know that there are more powerful and safer drugs that do not cause complications.

Also maintain appropriate nutrition and weight control, and exercise, among other things. 1604

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