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They warn about dangerous security breaches that affect the WhatsApp app for iPhone – 02/21/2019


There is a security problem in the message service, which is owned by Facebook, allows the users of the app to highlight the new privacy controls presented recently by the stage. After consumer complaints through social networks, the technology company explained that Wednesday WhatsApp error only affects those with iOS devices.

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The news comes just as social networks and instant messaging applications focus their efforts on improving security and privacy. And these are two of the most important aspects for this type of platform users. According to Reuters, Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, responds to criticism about not protecting the privacy of its users.

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The new WhatsApp privacy allows iPhone users to require ID ID or Face ID to open the application. However, we have been able to omit those logging methods using the iPhone "share" function to send files through WhatsApp.

To avoid attackers, instant messaging users can configure the check that will be required immediately after logging in. This means they will need to give a Touch ID or Face ID every time they open WhatsApp, or at intervals of up to an hour. But the system fails when choosing any time-time other than "immediately".

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The Reddit user explained, in detail, the WhatsApp error in the stage. "We are aware of the problem and we will resolve it soon. In the meantime, we recommend that people use the option immediately to close the screen , "responded spokesman for the company.

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