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They surprised Hugo Mazzacane in the case that investigates trout & # 39; invoices; at Road Road – 04/12/2018


The president of the ACTC, Hugo Mazzacane, in the last hours by federal judge Quilmes, Luis Armella, who's investigating case to avoid tax in a motorcycle. This happened after the raid on the "Roberto Mouras" route from La Plata, where AFIP and Prefecture agents found invoices and the band led by Claudio Gómez to Heber Russo, arrested and investigated for money laundering and millions' fraud to the treasury.

Justice is trying to establish ACTC's responsibility in a network that sold apocryphal invoices for pilots, companies and public bodies (boroughs and governors, among others) and lost the AFIP for more than 5,000 million pesos from 2014 to current.

Armella suspects that this band can not undertake operations without having to be a league in the main parts of the category, so he ordered the crack on the crack rock in La Plata, last Friday, November 23 .

Gómez and Russo band invoices were found in the query in the platense autodrom, which is owned by Mazzacane. Therefore, the president of the ACTC was accused in the case. Judge Armella will arrange control measures and the decision of the autodrom debt in the next few days at the time when Mazzacane was a director.

The idea to Mazzacane is even more unexpected news after the ACTC published a statement after the query. There, the entity said "after a thorough review of all the institution's offices, as well as all the computer support that was in place, the search resulted in a negative result, a situation confirmed in the court record."

The research and motoring developments were in the center of the scene. The gang is led by Gómez y Russo, leaders, pilots and team owners in the justice scenes. And there's probably more news in the next few days.

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