Sunday , June 26 2022

They state the health warning in Chubut, after a third victim of hantavirus death


Chubut province declared the health warning in Esquel after confirming cases of hantavirus in the Epuyén cordillera area. This morning in the morning a woman died and was known because of the virus transmitted by the rodents.

From hospital in Esquel, the authorities said that a few days ago they had gone to a woman with symptoms like hantavirus. Worsens her picture in the last hours and, finally, died on Monday.

Chubut's health minister, Adrián Pizzi, confirmed that there were "nine positive cases of hantavirus, among them who died and was not confirmed as such until the first hour of this Monday." Therefore, he emphasized that "there were three fatal deaths of this disease."

"To that end, we have to add two other cases of suspected patients in patients with different degrees of evolution, but Malbrán needs confirmation, in a peak picture of the health notice declared," he said. 39; r officer .

A third victim of hantavirus death is a 38-year-old woman, who is employed at Ysbyty de Epuyén. His case is added to a 14-year-old girl – the 2nd of this month – and an urban worker of Epuyén who died on Tuesday last week.

Associate director of the Zonal Esquel Hospital District Program (HZE), Jorge Elías, explained that the cases of detected hantavirus were classified as "case" because of "they occur in the same context, in the town of Epuyén at the same time and the same place "so it took power in the final hours of the possibility that it had transferred by interpersonal intervention.

The most common type is known of how the epidemic spreads through the transmitter virus and the small "Oligoryzomys longicaudatus", called "colilargo mouse" in the range A mountain that is spreading especially in the flowering season of dog colius.

However, the multimedia team established yesterday with experts from the Nation and after several hours of analysis of the situation and with the updated data, the collection was found in the assumption of "inter-human transmission".

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