Monday , January 17 2022

They saved the All Boys stadium to search for documents to identify the bars that the police attacked


The City Government Police Agent attacked the Malvinas Islands Stadium of Clwb Pob Bech today when searching for documents to identify the violent ones that attacked the organized workplace agents organized to protect the classic with Atlanta, and many of them were injured after being hired by a local fan and They were, agitated by the defeat, They acted with wild.

The procedure, ordered by the Dental Criminal Court and Fouls No. 26 who are responsible for the doctor Maria Cristina Nazar, at the request of the Office of the Doctor Juan Rosas, It was held in 1952 Mercedes street in the Floresta area.

Information sequence and digital images, passports and other documents were arranged for individual members in this order. The man was composed in the place Alberto Mandelli, the club's sports manager, who facilitated the access to the facilities. The scheduled procedures were carried out, information and a number of CPUs were taken with partner registers.

"This is a bar that already has several episodes of violence, having contacted the leader Luis D 'Elía and the worst is that all Boys' activists would also be involved. An animal is carried out to move with the arrests. This bar is functional for some political leader and did not fall on entry rights. The Club had already closed by the Justice, "he said on the radio The Network Marcelo D ', Alessandro, City Security Secretary.

The officer also expressed himself Radio Miter, where he told them: "The Atlanta leader was invited, and in the middle of the event they began to insult with anti-Semitic messages, even hanging a Palestinian flag" and added that "Every Boys have closed the court indefinitely and as an sanction we ask every 2019 to play without public. "

The assault left the rest 15 policemen were injured, five patrol cars have been destroyed and only three people were arrested.

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