Friday , September 30 2022

They reveal that magma chambers are not responsible for volcanic explosions


A study published by the journal Nature states that volcanoes are not available on top of yellow rock deposits, but on "porridge reservoirs": sites that contain solid crystalline rocks and leave small places for free where magma is discovered.

So far, experts believe that the volcanoes break down due to the magma chambers that they would face because those deposits were not seen.

Matthew Jackson, a member of the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering at the Imperial School in London (England, United Kingdom), explains that this perception will force scientists to "Analyze again how and why roots happen".

This new explanation could be contrasted with the small amount of crystals that have been included in the magma during an explosion. However, the experts explained that this material had a lower density and could be erected among them, having melted and transferred to other sectors, where the explosions occur.

For Stephen Parks, a professor at the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol and co-author of the study, this recent assumption would show that "tiled rocks are formed in hot rocks , crystalline, "and that magma" passes most of the time in small pores inside the rock, rather than in large deposits ".

Therefore, that union of rocks would lead to "combination groups, which can then break or form ephemerus magma chambers," ends Parks.

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