Wednesday , December 2 2020

They range from 21 to 23 alcoholic beverage sales schedule in the state of Buenos Aires

During this summer, consumers will be able to buy alcoholic beverages in the state of Buenos Aires until later, as the Buenos Aires Parliament has approved the law on Thursday allows the extension of the sales schedule from 21 to 23.

The project was introduced by Deputy Guillermo Castello and Senator Lucas Fiorini, from Cambiemos, to favor trade during term time. On his behalf, a Unidad Ciudadana block did not fit in with the initiative and demanded that the "no alcohol" regulations for the driving of minors under the age of 21 were treated.

According to current law in the State of Buenos Aires, "the sale, sale or supply of any kind is prohibited, and the introduction of alcoholic beverages outside the organization where the sale is made. from 21 to 10pm on the following day"

Castello argued that the norm "original wording", modified in 2009, is now being returned to. In turn, he explained that the sale of these drinks for children under the age of 18 still barred.

The deputy had argued, before the ballot, during the summer months – December to March – and where there are more difficulties with this ban, as "days go longer, days are extended beach or leisure activities and tourists want to make the most of their rest days ".

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