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They pointed out the boy who wanted to steal a jewelry shop: he is 9 years old and she found her mom about it from the media – 02/21/2019


They were looking for it from Monday and Thursday, they were able to know him when his mother was to the police station: he is 9 years old and he is the boy who came to a jewelry store Moreno, he gave his hand to a wist that drew a copy of a weapon. "Give me everything or I'll burn you", he told the store owner.

Sources of investigation notified Clarin That the boy identified is the same thing that was registered by the security security cameras that he was trying to steal. The views were a big stimulus, as the baby was only a few centimeters are higher no business counter.

"It's an exceptionally, it's not common to see a boy so small going into a business to steal," said the sources. Clarin.

The boy is 9 years old and is a third of six brothers, although not living with them all, as the oldest moves with a grandmother. Her mother is a domestic worker and they all live in a lender at Mi Barrio, in Moreno, according to the sources.

"The boy he does not go to school since last year he was expelled as he had dropped his pits before a companion. They were a second degree, "they said. And they added:" Everything is an investigation matter ".

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The baby's mother now said he had learned everything when he saw the media images his son tried to store a toy with a toy tool.

"That said throw the weapon after that, "they added. Due to its age, the boy was still in his mother's jail, although this Friday they must appear before the Moreno Youth Responsibility Office.

The block where the jewelry is that the fine is recorded with a gun. (Maxi Failla)

The block where the jewelry is that the fine is recorded with a gun. (Maxi Failla)

"From now on, we will try to determine if the boy is in a position of risk and if he was severely motivated to carry out the robbery," said the sources.

So, as well as the interview with the case prosecutor, "social workers will make a report to decide whether they can continue to live in their homes or if they are in risk situation"

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At the same time, in terms of the investigation itself, the security of the area where the jewelery shop is located will be inspected, as well as taking witness statements. They try to decide a acting alone or led by more.

The case

Everything happened on Saturday, when the boy came into a jewelry shop in the state of Buenos Aires of Moreno and asked if there were gold chains. In the middle of the conversation he gave a gun (he would then be known as a copy) on the counter and told the owner: "Give me everything or I'll burn you".

Nicolas Garcia at her jewelery shop in Moreno. (Maxi Failla)

Nicolas Garcia at her jewelery shop in Moreno. (Maxi Failla)

"I hit the rock and opened, with the clothes I was wearing, and how old I was, I thought he was going to ask me something to eatr. That is why I leave it, "explained Nicolás García, the owner of the shop..

The trader's response was to go across the counter and take the boy to the door. "I responded quickly to avoid a disaster, went to the other side of the counter and took carelessly of the child when he shot the gun on board. I passed fast, I took it from the neck and took it to run the business. I did not even think about what I was doing, "said Garcia, who then made a white at the local police station.

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"Now I can scare what they can do for me, especially my business, because they told me, if I kept fucking with the complaints, they would break everything. I do not know what will happen, so I ask for security, "he said.

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