Tuesday , January 19 2021

They have attacked the car stones and moved to Patricia Bullrich and Juan Manuel Urtubey in Salta

This Monday, the town's afternoon neighbors White Water They threw stones in the vehicle that was carrying the Minister for National Security, t Patricia Bullrich, and to the Governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey. It happened after the introduction of a new regulation regime "bagayeros" They pass goods across borders.

There were moments of tension at the entrance of the town of Salta, located in the north of that province, when several people who showed against the measure attacked the Minister of National Security's delegation.

"Friends come to support, traders, bagayeros, everyone from Salta, Tucumán, Jujuy, Santiago, to support the cut, many of us are out of work", one of the protesters is told in a video broadcast on social networks this afternoon, which adds: t "Until you decide to raise this we will not work".

Bullrich had arrived this Monday to Salta for the announcement and so he could know Infobae after visiting Puerto Chalanas and when the delegation came, as well as the minister and governor, director of Migrations, Horacio García, and deputy director general Operations, Interior, t Gustavo Echegoyen, among others, he returned to Gendarmerie's barracks which occurred in the attack.

The new regime is aimed at what is known as "Bagayeros", people who cross borders with goods. The initiative seeks to remove them from informality and legalize this type of work. Everyone involved in this activity, as explained from the ministry, would be considered t "micro importers". But there were conditions.

Those conditions caused the discomfort. Among them there is a limit of "500 lawn per day"he explained the sources, unless they could not happen "shoes and textiles". Nation had also assumed that the flow of goods and the immigrants would only happen via Pass Enabled Puerto Chalanas, preventing the crossing from being enabled.

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