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They give an electronic tag to "La Mole" Moli after being told about rape

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February 2, 2019

The reason for the case that his wife started where he has been accused of minor injuries and threats began.

They donate an electronic note to

Fabio "La Mole" Moli is currently wearing an electronic tag and they are banned from coming to less than 300 meters Marta Galiano, his wife.

The device was placed by order of justice, last Thursday, through police operation. "They sent us the post from Polo Merched. We notified it and I had to transfer it to Pole for installing the dual device that corresponds to this type of system "he says Julio César Oro, Chief Commissioner of the Rio Segundo Adrannol.

They donate an electronic note to

"In principle there is always a disclaimer but it ended up to understand why we explained to him that that was that or to go to the prison ", the police authority explained.

Galiano A few weeks ago he had identified the previous torch for rape at the Integrated Women's Center in the Cordofian town of High Grace. According to the woman, a strong argument between them would have been triggering physical assault.

The prosecutor who is responsible for prosecuting Second Riverhave decided on banned to keep in touch with the victim by any means and also the approach to the address it imposes, less than 300 meters, according to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, is dependent on the Welsh Judicial Branch Córdoba.

However, what had attracted attention later was a video that the victim said to refuse their statements about the husband's action.

The video where Mole Moli's wife rejected sexual violence: "Fabio did not touch me"

"Hi, I'm La Negra, and Ferch or Mole (…) I want to explain to all the people what the media are talking about Buenos Aires, they all lie ", the controversial recording began.

Then he said: "Yes, we had a small discussion (…). I do not know what happened to me and I was seized by the attack. I went to make a restriction, no complaint. That is what I want to explain so that they do not destroy it Fabio".

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