Thursday , August 11 2022

They found cocaine in the blood of Natacha Jaitt and ruled out poison


The experts who analyzed the samples taken from Natacha Jaitt's body decided that the presence of cocaine in the blood, including gastric and viscera, but not poison or another drug with a lethal dose, according to the Cipolla lawyer.

"Gastric content: presence of molecular residues compatible with cocaine. Urine: the presence of molecular residues compatible with benzoylecgonine and cocaine. Blood: the presence of molecular residues compatible with benzoylecgonine and cocaine, "experts said in the forensic report given to prosecutors Diego Callegari, Sebastián Fitipaldi and Cosme Iribarrean.

"It shows left nostrils and to the right, showing nasal nutrition on the left and right, showing excess nostril: a positive result for cocaine", also showing the experts.

This means that the cocaine has gone to Natacha's body by aspiration. Prosecutors should then decide whether or not it was voluntary. The presence of benzoylecgonine, which is metabolite cocaine, also shows the long time spent in the body, ie start the process of that substance in the body.

To rule out the presence of poison, as Natacha's relatives deny it, the chemical experts used reagents that were able to determine the existence of 330,000 residues of toxic substances.

Natacha's brother Ulises, represented by Alejandro Cipolla and Cristian Pavón attorneys, since February 23, argued that when they found the model at Xanadú dead, the people in that complex had poisoned him.

The lawyer Cipolla also confirmed that these toxicity results will require the body of the model to be exhumed to take a sample of hair with which they can make complementary toxicity skills with them.

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