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They found a murderer and for the crime they arrested his wife's love – 02/12/2018


Matías Arismendi (26) was found dead from a shot in his head at Campana's house and for the crime they arrested his wife's love. The man fell because he tried to simulate suicide, but he committed himself serious mistake: took the weapon and he hid himself with his cousin.

After arresting Oscar Parma (25), the main theory discussed by the researchers does not indicate that the problems between them are for the woman with whom the two relationships are only for disputes related to the commercialization of narcotics.

Everything happened on Saturday at noon, when officers of the 1st Police Station. Campana arrived at San Juan's house, between Pedro Omar and Vigna, from Campana after calling to 911 and warned someone died in the place.

When the police arrived at the house, Arismendi was found died of a shot in the head.

Everything seems to suggest that it has been a possible suicide, but in the crime scene a key element was missing: there was a knife, and 16-quality cartridge and several balls near the body, but they could not find the gun, namely a gun.

When researchers interviewed Arismendi's wife, she initially paid her the assumption of suicide. But when they spoke to the last person who had been with the victim, something was not closed. This is Parma, who agreed the wife's sayings.

However, the police carried out various operations and then the conspiracy .16 capacity – with marking or rifing – probably used in Arismendi crime: I was hidden in the Parma canvas house, the spokesman added.

Before the evidence gathered, Arismendi's wife changed his version of what happened and told the researchers that she had seen Parma leaving the crime after he had kept discussion with her husband.

The sources noted that the woman acknowledged that she was He had a lovely relationship with Pharma and that the person who is detained and a husband accuses each other about selling drugs. He also explained that, when Arismendi died, both were struggling with a place and was the concert that killed her husband.

As a result of these new tyrants, the prosecutor of the case, Matias Ferreiros, UFI 2 of Judicial Department Zárate-Campana, arrested Parma for an offense. aggravated killing using a weapon.

Source: Télam

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