Monday , January 18 2021

They attacked a police officer in the middle of protest and continued in intensive care

Mendoza police sub-commissioner remained in a serious condition after being had to injure a stone in the head during a protest campaign of justice for teenage murder in the Maipú section.

The assault was held on Friday afternoon when Infantry personnel held prevention tasks in the community of Corazón de Jesús de Gutiérrez.

According to sources of power, in that place they claimed justice for an offense Leandro Salvatierra (16), who died the night before spending five days in hospital as a result of a neck bullet.

The exhibitors were in front of a presumed homicidal house, where they break traffic with indoor fire and also burn a car and a part of the house.

When the police intervene, I was cast with stones by some of the protesters, which caused the skull injuries of the deputy commissioner identified as Cristian Bercich (43).

As a result of this injury, the main police were transferred to the French Clinic, where they remained in intensive care. According to doctors, his life would be out of danger.

This is not the first time for the Bercich family to go through hard time. The sister of Cristina, Érica Bercich López, was the first costume to die in a service in Mendoza province. It happened in 1999. Indeed, from 2018, every August 14 will commemorate Women's Day Police in his honor.

The young man Leandro Salvatierra He was shot in the neck around 20.30 last Monday when he arrived at his home in the Maipú neighborhood, near the capital of Mendoza.

He was taken to the central hospital of Mendoza city, where he died on Friday on the 23rd. For the crime of the minor no suspects have kept up to date.

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