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They ask Hebe de Bonafini to go to a verbal trial – 03/12/2018


Federal prosecutor Paloma Ochoa, the judge to Marcelo Martínez De Giorgi, asked that the case known as Shared Sueños, move towards a verbal and public test. In the first part, he had asked for the brothers Sergio and Pablo Schoklender, former Secretary of Public Works José López, and the sub-secretary of that area, Abel Fatala to go to a trial. Now, he included in the Hebe de Bonafini regime although he asked for a series of measures "to complete the guidance in their respect," said the judge that the investigation had come to the conclusion and therefore , The He asked that the owner of the Plaza de Mayo Mothers continue to trial.

Last year, the federal judge Martínez de Giorgi Bonafini prosecuted a score of people involved in the "Shared Dreams" case, not found who is responsible for a fraud offense by fraudulent administration at the expense of public administration, as "necessary participants, in relation to the money granted by the Nation Public Works Secretariat during the Kirchnerism.

In May of this year, the judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Martín Irurzun confirmed these prosecutions and decided to abolish the lack of merit determined on Julio De Vido, who added another prosecution for fraud.

In the case of Justice, Bonafini "knows the financial mismanagement that the Institute of Maternal Institute attorneys at Plaza de Mayo has established". That is why she prosecuted her as a participant in the crime and the Schoklender brothers as the perpetrators of the crime.

Therefore, it was noted that Mother's proprietor "had taken part in these tasks at least approving the irregular balance of the organization and authorizing the outsourcing of the contracted services to Meldorek SA of the contracted & # 39; n direct to the Institute ".

The fraud attributed to the owner of the Plaza de Mayo Mothers' Association would reach 206 million pesos, according to the investigation initiated after the Clarín announcement in mid-2011 that was held initially by the judge questioned Norberto Oyarbide, who stopped separating the case.

In this context, the Prosecutor Paloma Ochoa had already asked the judge to proceed with the experimental process. And now, he also included Bonafini after Judge Martinez De Giorgi told him that he should include the owner of Mothers in the application for an elevation, despite the fact that a representative of a Public Prosecutor's Office believes that it is necessary to take some measures.

"The fact that the appointed ones did not identify the Schoklender brothers as those who gave them the orders to collect audits published by the Mother's Institute Plaza de Mayo, does not grow the assumption of participation Hebe María Said the judge says that he was a shepherd in the illegal movement that was investigated here as well as that and his ignorance.

Therefore, Ochoa Prosecutor reiterated that the measures "were essential to explain the possible intervention of" Bonafini, which prompted the application to be sent to "to stop" in order not to delay the progress of the process. "

Hebe is approved as a senior participant in fraud to the public administration about the money received from the Institute for the construction of social housing. Mother's owner is accused of approving the operation of the Schoklender brothers in the abolition of public funds for other purposes outside the construction of social housing.

During the investigation, it was decided that the Schoklender brothers use the Plaza de Mayo Mothers' Association, in their ability as agents of their Organization, in "collusion with public officials, to manage illegally and to get state money."

In this regard, Ochoa noted that Sergio Schoklender established a mechanism for the direct and irregularly targeted work of the Foundation Mums Plaza de Mayo, and was empowered. "

In this regard, the requirement states that, in order to achieve the "success of the movement, sign an agreement between public officials of the Ministry of Public Works, the Mothers Institute of Plaza de Mayo and, finally, the provinces and municipalities , under which it was contracted for the operation of the work to the Organization ".

The Nationwide General Examination had found that 206,438,454.05 pesos it could not be related to payments related to work management, that is they were diverted from original designation. The Institute dealt with a total of 748,719,414 pesos. I mean, "23.54% of the total funding granted was", according to the opinion of the prosecutor.

At that time, the judge argued that he was able to "recreate the circuit in part that the money sent by the Kirchner government to the Institute for the construction of houses had followed and" had been removed illegally from their objective. "

The period during which this operation was carried out temporarily coincides with numerous transactions where beneficiaries (the defendants) and the companies with whom they have contacts have benefited, without any cause another justified ", said court. 19 companies were led by Meldorek and Antarctica.

The allegations were also confirmed in the case of ten-money money laundering associated with the "caves" used to change the checks received from the Basic State. Among these are Alejandro Gotkin, José Fernando Caparrós Gómez, Gustavo Serventich and Guillermo Greppi. Also for the thirteen processed, the exemptions achieved 250 million pesos.

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