Thursday , May 26 2022

They are at the level of the Monumental stadium by re-picking tickets in the River and Boca Survey


City Constabulary raises the Monumental stadium within the case reselling case framework in the Enforcement o & n Libertadores Cup between Afon a Boca. By order of the prosecutor Norberto Brotto, which is researching the resale in the Millionaire since last April, the officials they are looking for ticket sales records and the register of partners to make a comparison with the 300 seized access Friday at Treng Hector Cavern Godoy. Justice had already proved through the fact that the tickets were actually in the bar; aware of the newcomer, order Brotto the procedure.

The club is closed for members: only employees are on site. The focus of the raid was given at the box office, at the partner office and in the video room.

In the war on Friday in two homes (one in San Miguel and one in Villa Devoto), Godoy, in addition to the tickets, was hijacked 7 million pesos, although in all judicial cases that he was facing, he ensured he was living on odd jobs.

"It's probably that part of what we have been investigating, which is about the raids that the Justice does, has caused violent groups to create events or some form of collision ", Diego Santilli, deputy head of Buenos Aires, argued on the events that caused the Supercl√°sico to be suspended on Saturday and ending with a number of Boca players who had been injured.

Brotto prosecutor's case is not new. It started in April this year with a sequel to the Mercado Libre site for the resale of the River Plate game in that month, which interfered with the Buenos Aires Police Criminal Conduct in Public Conduct Division.

The resale by valid records reaches astronomical numbers. Brotto is not the sole prosecutor on the subject. According to the investigation of the City of Buenos Aires Complex Crimes Unit that worked in the Superclassic from Sunday 11 November, under the orders of prosecutor Cristian Longobardi, in some areas released Bombonera had no less than 25% of those attending legal tickets bought on their resale. For example, in the stadium K sector, with its capacity for 2135 people, almost 500 fans have paid tickets on behalf of other subscribers.

According to the case researchers, only the hotel with a club name would have had 50 people who admitted to pay up to 1750 dollars for a ticket, most of which were tourists.

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