Thursday , December 3 2020

There were 60,000 people attended the Paulo Londra event in the City

The artist Cordovan Paulo Londra Now last night, there was a rarely call in a perception in the middle of the capital, when a crowd of around 60,000 people were called Civic Park of Dinas Mendoza.

After receiving by a deaf crew "Olé, olé, olé, Paulo, Paulo", tons mainly by young people's surgeons not exceeding 15 years, the "king of the trap" confirmed this way in our province which, without doubt, is one of the moment's musical phenomena.

The show, conducted by the performances of Mendoza people Huge the Cara a gan y raggarts Yeyzy + JD, The It started at 20.55 and unpacking can wait, for many, to extend it throughout the day.

"King of the trap" was invited to pick up for public boys so that they play basketball on the scene | Diego Parés / Los Andes

The 20-year-old singer began his show with the song "After condemning for the million." After singing, he was worried about the safety of his audience, saying: "We're a lot, let's take care, grass. We do not want to crash."

People were totally overflowing. That is why many people came to an end in the Peltier or Spanish Streets (without the possibility of seeing the scenario) and even climbing in the trees. Some were compared India's Solari phenomenon wakes up, with another age range.

The musician offered a full show where the audience he looked after was very important throughout the time. In fact, at one point he even invited boys from the audience to come up and play basketball on the stage and sing with him. The fanaticity of his followers was full, as voices and crowd were so strong that they were heard more than the artist.

Many hours ago

About 9 in the morning, supporters began to go to Civic Park is trying to have a good place to enjoy "king of the trap". Repossessors, heladeritas, street sellers and many families, were the main composers of a night that will go down in history.

Under the main operation of the police and street breaking, the crowd filled the streets around the Government House, arriving on foot to get a place and enjoy the great show. Family caravans were smiling and enthusiastic to see this idol alive on a timely afternoon.

Roxana (50) from Rodeo del Medio traveled to her Nahira merch (8) I could see Londra: "She wanted to come since she came to know and we always got in with her, we do not think there would be so many people". And he said "I do not know a lot about his music but I like that that does not fool his songs". Lorena (41) went to Morena's daughter (8) and her husband, so that the little one could see the show. "I like the family atmosphere, there are many families with toddlers," he said. He stressed: "I'm shocked by how many people came today".

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